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        Moon Status: Full Moon 0 sml.png
        • ...that in Meet the Sniper, the Pyro can be seen wielding the Flare Gun before it was officially announced?
        • ...that the Pyro uses the same voice lines in all languages?
        • ...that in the beginning of Meet the Medic, a slowed version of Faster Than A Speeding Bullet plays?
        • ...that the Horseless Headless Horsemann and MONOCULUS were both developed from the Demoman's animations and sounds, respectively?
        • ...that you can die from a telefrag even while wielding the Dead Ringer?
        • ...that if an Intelligence carrier falls off of a cliff to his death, the Intelligence will be instantly returned to the capture zone?
        • ...that when the Scout double or triple jumps with the Atomizer, he will leave a purple smoke puff behind instead of his regular white trail?
        • ...that the idea for the Spy class arose from a glitch in the original Team Fortress?
        • ...that the Bonk! Atomic Punch comes in two flavors, Cherry Fission and BLUtonium Berry?