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Aktuell artikel — Smörgosen
The Sandvich, known in full as the Sandvich Edible Device, is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Heavy. It is half of a sandwich, consisting of two triangular slices of bread containing lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and an indeterminate meat referred to as both ham and bologna by the Heavy. Topping it is a green stuffed olive pinned to the Sandvich by a toothpick.

The Sandvich can be consumed by pressing the correct bound keys for either primary fire or taunting. When eaten, it will replenish 100% health, 300 HP, over a four second duration. During this time, the player will be forced into the third-person view as the Heavy stops and makes a loud munching noise whilst eating.


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  • ...that the RED Soldier appeared as a model placeholder in 0x10c, a beta game made by Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft?
  • ...that in player view the ammo belt on Natascha is on the left side, but in global view the ammo belt is on the right side?
  • ...that unusable grenades can be seen on the Soldier, Demoman, and Pyro models?
  • ...that the Heavy is the only class with natural knockback damage resistance?
  • ...that the Sniper's father is more than slightly disappointed that his son did not become a doctor?
  • ...that the Love & War Update was referenced prior to its release by a line in Dota 2's "The Stanley Parable Announcer Pack"?
  • ...that Robin Walker worked on the original Team Fortress mod for Quake back in 1996?

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