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"Chokepoint" is a strategy term that refers to any enclosed space, corridor, or area where large numbers of players are forced to pass through, with no alternate routes. Typically, a chokepoint will be preceded by open spaces. For example, a narrow corridor or doorway may be known as a chokepoint if it connects to a wide open area. Chokepoints are important elements to consider strategically, as it enables the player to ambush an area more effectively due to the nature of a chokepoint's closed space, and is prone to contain explosive spam and area denial tactics.

In Team Fortress 2, many maps vary between tight and wide open spaces in order to provide proper balance to all classes and teams, depending on the map that is played on. Common chokepoint placement on maps in the game include turns and bends of the track path in Payload maps, and between capture points on Control Point maps. They are also seen as narrow corridors that are present in many other maps, such as attack and defend maps, such as Dustbowl.

Class Advantages

A Pyro is able to wait outside where a chokepoint may be present for enemies to pass within the short range of the Flame Thrower, and be able to dish out large amounts of damage.

A Heavy is able to stand in a doorway or entrance whilst firing his Minigun to surprise and bewilder enemies, especially around corners and obstacles.

A Spy could also utilize these areas by waiting for an enemy to pass through, and follow up with a lethal backstab for precision elimination. Be careful not to go through narrow chokepoints that do not fit two people side-by-side.

A Sniper does not really benefit in chokepoints other than lining up enemies into a tighter area. However, the Machina was designed for this type of situation, potentially killing many enemies with a well placed shot. The Jarate is also useful for this type of situation, making your enemies more vulnerable to the already ridiculous amounts of damage.

A Soldier can spam rockets without worrying too much about accuracy due to splash damage. This also makes juggling easier if you are going for accuracy. The cramped area also benefits a lot from the battle banners, namely the Buff Banner, the Battalion's Backup, and the Concheror. The Cow Mangler 5000 and the Beggar's Bazooka are also useful for this situation: The former has a charged shot that mini-crits and sets enemies on fire and the latter has ridiculous amounts of splash damage with a three rocket burst.

A Medic does not have too much of an advantage, as most classes are able to outmatch the Syringe Gun in terms of damage per second. That said, a Medic can greatly enhance an ally camping a chokepoint, especially if he is using the Kritzkrieg.

A Scout does not have many advantages here; however, he might contribute to the spam with the Shortstop and he can help his allies recover from wounds easier via Mad Milk.

A Demoman has many advantages here: He may use his Grenade Launcher to a greater extent and the spam might help conceal Stickybombs. The cramped area also allows for maximizing splash damage, something a Demoman is notorious for.

An Engineer can focus his Sentry Gun for superb area control, but due to chokepoints being only one corridor, there are not many uses for it. Also, a Dispenser can be built to provide health and ammo to spamming allies and a Teleporter for respawned teammates to get to the chokepoint fairly quick.

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