December 16, 2019 Patch

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Patch notes

Happy Smissmas 2019!



  1. Bumble Beenie, Pebbles the Penguin, Yule Hog, Gingerbread Mann, Smissmas Saxton, Globetrotter, Citizen Cane, Candy Crown, Glittering Garland, Winter Wrap Up, Public Speaker, Discovision, Provisions Cap, Telefragger Toque, Pocket-Medes, Spiky Viking, Missing Piece, Mislaid Sweater
  2. Alpine, Frost Ornamented, Gift Wrapped, Igloo, Seriously Snowed, Sleighin' Style, Smissmas Camo, Smissmas Village, Snow Covered, Winterland Wrapped
  3. Sparkling Lights, Frozen Icefall, Fragmented Gluons, Fragmented Quarks, Fragmented Photons, Defragmenting Reality, Fragmenting Reality, Refragmenting Reality, Snowfallen, Snowblinded, Pyroland Daydream
  4. Good-Hearted Goodies, Wintery Wisp, Arctic Aurora, Winter Spirit, Festive Spirit, Magical Spirit
  5. Mossrock, Snowplow, Vanguard, Brazil, Lazarus, Suijin, Borneo, Enclosure, Snowycoast
  6. Cap that Charity donor medal's description.
  7. South American Vanilla Fortress, ETF2L, PURE League, Asia BBall Cup