Smissmas 2022

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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see December 5, 2022 Patch.
Smissmas 2022
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Happy Smissmas 2022!
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The Smissmas 2022 update was a seasonal update released on December 5th, 2022. It featured the in-game addition of several items, as well as 5 new maps, selected by Valve from the Steam Workshop due to their outstanding quality. The update added 23 new cosmetic items, 3 new taunts, and 15 new Unusual effects in total (7 for cosmetics and 8 for taunts). Additionally, players who launched the game during the event received a Stuffed Stocking as a gift.




Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Coal Pit Cp gravelpit snowy.png Attack/Defend
Frostcliff Pl frostcliff.png Payload
Frostcliff cart.png
Frostwatch Cp frostwatch.png Attack/Defend
Frosty Ctf frosty.png Capture the Flag
Intel red idle.png
Rumford Pl rumford event.png Payload
Rumford cart.png

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Motley Sleeves Motley Sleeves
Bulb Bonnet Bulb Bonnet
Firebrand Firebrand
Partizan Partizan
Glasgow Bankroll Glasgow Bankroll
Plaid Lad Plaid Lad
Heavy Heating Heavy Heating
Ol' Reliable Ol' Reliable
Arctic Mole Arctic Mole
Cool Warm Sweater Cool Warm Sweater
Soft Hard Hat Soft Hard Hat
Underminer's Overcoat Underminer's Overcoat
Oktoberfester Oktoberfester
Wooly Pulli Wooly Pulli
Crosshair Cardigan Crosshair Cardigan
Cold Blooded Coat Cold Blooded Coat
Frostbite Bonnet Frostbite Bonnet
Infiltrator's Insulation Infiltrator's Insulation
Battle Bear Battle Bear
Colonel Kringle Colonel Kringle
Festive Rack Festive Rack
Lumbercap Lumbercap
Trapper's Flap Trapper's Flap


Main article: Taunts
Roasty Toasty Roasty Toasty
Russian Rubdown Russian Rubdown
Tailored Terminal Tailored Terminal


Main article: Tools
Winter 2022 Cosmetic Case Winter 2022 Cosmetic Case
Winter 2022 Cosmetic Key Winter 2022 Cosmetic Key
Gift-Stuffed Stocking Gift-Stuffed Stocking 2022

Unusual effects

Main article: Unusual effects
Smissmas 2022 Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Musical Maelstrom.png
Unusual Verdant Virtuoso.png
Unusual Silver Serenade.png
Unusual Cosmic Constellations RED.png
Unusual Cosmic Constellations BLU.png
Unusual Dazzling Constellations.png
Musical Maelstrom Verdant Virtuoso Silver Serenade RED BLU Dazzling Constellations
Cosmic Constellations
Unusual Tainted Frost.png
Unusual Starlight Haze.png
Tainted Frost Starlight Haze
Taunt effects
Unusual Charged Arcane.png
Unusual Thunderous Rage.png
Unusual Convulsive Fiery.png
Unusual Festivized Formation RED.png
Unusual Festivized Formation BLU.png
Unusual Twirling Spirits.png
Charged Arcane Thunderous Rage Convulsive Fiery RED BLU Twirling Spirits
Festivized Formation
Unusual Squash n' Twist.png
Unusual Midnight Sparklers.png
Unusual Boundless Blizzard.png
Squash n' Twist Midnight Sparklers Boundless Blizzard


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