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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see October 1, 2020 Patch.
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First they gave us trains, then they gave us ghosts. Now, we give you GHOST TRAINS!! Fight over a HALLOWED TRAIN STATION for NO GOOD REASON!!!
Megalo publicity blurb

Scream Fortress 2020 or Scream Fortress XII was the Halloween event that started October 1, 2020, with the in-game announcement of activation of the Halloween map menus and holiday-restricted cosmetics. Later in the day, the major seasonal update October 1, 2020 Patch added 4 new community Halloween maps, 22 new community cosmetic items, 6 new community holiday-restricted cosmetic items, 15 new War Paints, and 19 new Unusual effects. The free Halloween Contracts were also reactivated in the ConTracker for the event with 4 new contracts added to cover the new Halloween maps. The update also added support to the Steam Text Filtering.


On October 1st, 2020, holiday-restricted cosmetics were activated, and Soul Gargoyles began collecting souls. The Special Event menu for past Halloween maps was also added to the Casual mode selection. Halloween Contracts were activated and the Special Event menu for the featured new Halloween maps was added. Soul Gargoyles were given out during this time to players who launched the game and did not yet have one.

The event ended on November 7th, 2020.



Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Megalo Koth megalo.png King of the Hill
Bloodwater Pl bloodwater.png Payload
Bloodwater cart.png
Hassle Castle Pl hasslecastle.png Payload
RED Helltower Bombcart.png
Moldergrove Koth undergrove event.png King of the Hill

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Grounded Flyboy Grounded Flyboy
Calamitous Cauldron Calamitous Cauldron
Semi-Tame Trapper's Hat Semi-Tame Trapper's Hat
War Blunder War Blunder
Fire Tooth Fire Tooth
Flavorful Baggies Flavorful Baggies
Seared Sorcerer Seared Sorcerer
Treehugger Treehugger
Mannvich Mannvich
Ghoul Box Ghoul Box
Goblineer Goblineer
Pug Mug Pug Mug
Wavefinder Wavefinder
Rolfe Copter Rolfe Copter
Glow from Below Glow from Below
Leaderboard class scout.png Scout
Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro
Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman
Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
Boom Boxers Boom Boxers
A Handsome Handy Thing A Handsome Handy Thing
All Hallows' Hatte All Hallows' Hatte
Balloonicorpse Balloonicorpse
Eye-See-You Eye-See-You
Gourd Grin Gourd Grin
Handsome Devil Handsome Devil
Hollowed Helm Hollowed Helm
Impish Ears Impish Ears
King Cardbeard King Cardbeard
Misfortune Fedora Misfortune Fedora
Sir Pumpkinton Sir Pumpkinton
Wrap-A-Khamon Wrap-A-Khamon

War Paints

Main article: War Paint

Scream Fortress XII Collection


Main article: Tools
Wicked Windfall Case Wicked Windfall Case
Wicked Windfall Key Wicked Windfall Key
Scream Fortress XII War Paint Case Scream Fortress XII War Paint Case
Scream Fortress XII War Paint Key Scream Fortress XII War Paint Key

Unusual effects

Main article: Unusual effects
Scream Fortress XII Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Green Giggler.png
Unusual Laugh-O-Lantern.png
Unusual Plum Prankster.png
Unusual Pyroland Nightmare.png
Unusual Gravelly Ghoul.png
Unusual Vexed Volcanics.png
Green Giggler Laugh-O-Lantern Plum Prankster Pyroland Nightmare Gravelly Ghoul Vexed Volcanics
Unusual Gourdian Angel.png
Unusual Pumpkin Party.png
Gourdian Angel Pumpkin Party
Taunt effects
Unusual Spectral Escort.png
Unusual Astral Presence.png
Unusual Arcane Assistance RED.png
Unusual Arcane Assistance BLU.png
Unusual Emerald Allurement.png
Unusual Pyrophoric Personality.png
Spectral Escort Astral Presence RED BLU Emerald Allurement Pyrophoric Personality
Arcane Assistance
Unusual Spellbound Aspect.png
Unusual Static Shock.png
Unusual Veno Shock.png
Unusual Toxic Terrors.png
Unusual Arachnid Assault.png
Unusual Creepy Crawlies.png
Spellbound Aspect Static Shock Veno Shock Toxic Terrors Arachnid Assault Creepy Crawlies

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