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PL Pier.jpg
Basic information
Map type Payload
File name: pl_pier_b20
Version: Beta 20 (B20)
Developer(s): Βlade x64
Link(s): Steam Workshop
Map Info
Environment: Beach, Commercial, Park, Ports
Setting: Nighttime/Island Town
Blu has discovered that Red has purchased a shipment of fireworks for a show when the pier is completed. Taking advantage of the situation, Blu plans to escort a bomb cart to demolish a significant portion of the roller coaster using the fireworks to cover the inevitable explosion.
Pier publicity blurb

Pier is a community-made single-staged Payload map. It features 5 Control Points. It takes place in a Venice-themed city featuring a variety of canals and alleys for plenty of flanking routes with the end of the map featuring a rollercoaster-like incline similar to that of Hightower. The majority of the map's border is water.

If the BLU team is able to push the cart up the roller coaster hill at the end to trigger the explosion, the sky is filled with fireworks, which use sounds from the Summer Camp Sale noisemaker.

Update history

July 7 2011
  • Work on Pier begins.

July 21 2011 (a1)

  • Initial release for playtesting.

July 22 2011 (a2)

  • Added pickups.

July 23 2011 (a3)

  • Added moving bridge to third section.
  • Altered final point.

July 31 2011 (b1)

  • Detailed all the things
  • Added cover on the fourth point, the bridge.
  • Added a few more sniping positions in the town.
  • Improved access to catwalks in boathouse.
  • Gave Blu team a forward spawn for third and fourth points.
  • Fixed looping sound from moving bridge.
  • Altered final point.

July 31 2011 (b2)

  • Fixed some brushwork.
  • Added more particles.
  • Improved clipping
  • Made shooting gallery props breakable and respawnable.

August 1 2011 (b3 - Public Release)

  • Improved transition of water between level and 3d skybox.
  • Added a missing texture.
  • Improved texturing of first area.
  • Improved clipping.

August 5 2011 (b4)

  • Various detail improvements.
  • Reduced spawn times for both teams on final point.
  • Disabled collisions for crane machinery.
  • Improved optimization.

October 2 2011 (b11)

  • Various detail improvements.
  • Added a red spawn closer to the third point.
  • Moved fourth point back.
  • Widened upper pathway between cliffs and town.
  • Enlarged area around second point.
  • Added alternate pathway to final point.
  • Moved stairs near fourth point to opposite side.
  • Added alternate pathway between warehouse and pier.
  • Adjusted sight lines on the fourth point.

October 2 2011 #2 (b11_fix)

  • Fixed issue with cart stopping on final point.

June 8 2013 (b12)

  • Various detailing improvements.
  • Added rock for cover in beginning area.
  • Added overpass connecting to blue apartment.
  • Connected second point and red apartment bridge.
  • Gave fourth point a cubby for cover.
  • Added set of stairs to catwalk on final in the connecting building.
  • Pushed red spawn on final back.
  • Moved Blu's forward spawn during fourth point to final spawn.

June 14 2013 (b13)

  • More detailing.
  • The town has been infested with Ivy.
    • Brightened map to be not as depressing.
    • Fixed issue with Overtime and third point bridge.
    • Replaced hydro shields with more appropriate barricades.
    • Added rocks to beach around fourth.
    • Map now has a case of Saturday night fever.
  • Reverted to b12 because of "Engine error: ED_Alloc: no free edicts" for servers with high playercounts.
    • It helps when the server operators tell the map maker what's causing the crash!.

June 17 2013 (b14)

  • Fixed server crash.
  • Adjusted bridge to give more cover to red on fourth.
  • Put more ammo around first point.

Summer 2014 (b15/16)

  • Reduction of edicts.

June 5 2015 (b20)

  • Skipping numbers is fun
  • Moved all the burgers
  • Played with color correction
  • A to B
    • Widened bridge path
    • Shut doors to blue building
    • Widened canal path
    • Added wine cellar flank to B
    • Reversed side stairs to red house bridge was on
    • Changed some pickup locations
  • B to C
    • Added lower dock pathway (no more jumping across!)
    • Dropped path under dropdown
    • Tweaked far entrance to warehouse
    • Moved more pickup locations
  • D to E
    • Raised corner choke side because this map needs more height variation
    • Swapped side of stairs next to the shooting gallery
    • Moved shooting gallery, was replaced by overpowered sentry alcove
    • Erected a barricade next to truck
    • Added upper level to red spawn building
    • Removed doorway between catwalk and connector building