Smissmas 2021

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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see December 2, 2021 Patch.
Smissmas 2021
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Happy Smissmas 2021!
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The Smissmas 2021 update was a seasonal update released on December 2nd, 2021. It featured the in-game addition of several items, as well as 6 new maps, selected by Valve from the Steam Workshop due to their outstanding quality. The update added 20 new cosmetic items, 3 new taunts, and 27 new Unusual effects in total (16 for cosmetics, and 11 for taunts). Additionally, players who launched the game during the event received a Stuffed Stocking as a gift.




Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Altitude Cp altitude.png Attack/Defend
Bread Space Pl breadspace.png Payload
Breadspace cart.png
Cascade Koth cascade.png King of the Hill
Chilly Pl chilly.png Payload
Chilly Cart.png
Doublefrost Ctf doublecross snowy.png Capture the Flag
Doublefrost Intel RED Idle.png
Polar Pl coal event.png Payload
BLU Bombcart.png
Notes Added to the year-round casual map pool after January 7th 2022.

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Seasonal Employee Seasonal Employee
Elf Defense Elf Defense
Elf Ignition Elf Ignition
Mooshanka Mooshanka
Train of Thought Train of Thought
Festive Cover-Up Festive Cover-Up
Brain Cane Brain Cane
Cozy Catchers Cozy Catchers
El Fiestibrero El Fiestibrero
Elf-Made Bandanna Elf-Made Bandanna
Festive Frames Festive Frames
Giftcrafter Giftcrafter
Gnome Dome Gnome Dome
Hat Chocolate Hat Chocolate
Jolly Jester Jolly Jester
Merry Cone Merry Cone
Oh Deer! Oh Deer!
Ominous Offering Ominous Offering
Reindoonihorns Reindoonihorns
Seasonal Spring Seasonal Spring


Main article: Taunts
Hot Wheeler Hot Wheeler
Doctor's Defibrillators Doctor's Defibrillators
Shooter's Stakeout Shooter's Stakeout


Main article: Tools
Winter 2021 Cosmetic Case Winter 2021 Cosmetic Case
Winter 2021 Cosmetic Key Winter 2021 Cosmetic Key
Gift-Stuffed Stocking Gift-Stuffed Stocking 2021

Unusual effects

Main article: Unusual
Smissmas 2021 Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Smissmas Tree.png
Unusual Hospitable Festivity.png
Unusual Condescending Embrace RED.png
Unusual Condescending Embrace BLU.png
Unusual Sparkling Spruce.png
Unusual Glittering Juniper.png
Smissmas Tree Hospitable Festivity RED BLU Sparkling Spruce Glittering Juniper
Condescending Embrace
Unusual Prismatic Pine.png
Unusual Spiraling Lights.png
Unusual Twisting Lights.png
Unusual Stardust Pathway.png
Unusual Flurry Rush.png
Unusual Spark of Smissmas RED.png
Prismatic Pine Spiraling Lights Twisting Lights Stardust Pathway Flurry Rush RED
Spark of Smissmas
Unusual Spark of Smissmas BLU.png
Unusual Polar Forecast.png
Unusual Shining Stag.png
Unusual Holiday Horns.png
Unusual Ardent Antlers RED.png
Unusual Ardent Antlers BLU.png
BLU Polar Forecast Shining Stag Holiday Horns RED BLU
Spark of Smissmas Ardent Antlers
Unusual Festive Lights.png
Festive Lights
Taunt effects
Unusual Amethyst Winds.png
Unusual Golden Gusts.png
Unusual Smissmas Swirls RED.png
Unusual Smissmas Swirls BLU.png
Unusual Minty Cypress.png
Unusual Pristine Pine.png
Amethyst Winds Golden Gusts RED BLU Minty Cypress Pristine Pine
Smissmas Swirls
Unusual Sparkly Spruce RED.png
Unusual Sparkly Spruce BLU.png
Unusual Festive Fever RED.png
Unusual Festive Fever BLU.png
Unusual Golden Glimmer.png
Unusual Frosty Silver.png
RED BLU RED BLU Golden Glimmer Frosty Silver
Sparkly Spruce Festive Fever
Unusual Glamorous Dazzle RED.png
Unusual Glamorous Dazzle BLU.png
Unusual Sublime Snowstorm.png
RED BLU Sublime Snowstorm
Glamorous Dazzle


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