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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see October 9, 2023 Patch.
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Scream Fortress 2023 or Scream Fortress XV was the Halloween event that started on October 1, 2023, with the in-game activation of holiday-restricted cosmetics. Eight days later, the seasonal update October 9, 2023 Patch added 12 new community Halloween maps, 25 new community cosmetic items, 4 new community holiday-restricted cosmetic items, 4 new community taunts, 20 new Unusual effects, as well as a new community-created game mode: Zombie Infection. The free Halloween Contracts were also reactivated in the ConTracker for the Event, with 12 new contracts added to cover the new Halloween maps. Additionally, all previously completed Halloween contracts were reset, allowing players to earn their rewards once again.


On October 1st, 2023, holiday-restricted cosmetics were activated, and the Special Event menu was added to the Casual mode selection with Halloween maps from previous events.

On October 9th, 2023, Halloween Contracts were activated, the Special Event menu was updated with the new featured Halloween maps, and Soul Gargoyles began collecting souls. Soul Gargoyles were given out during this time to players who launched the game and did not yet have one.

This event ended on November 7th, 2023.



Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Atoll Zi atoll.png Zombie Infection
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul.png
Corruption Pl corruption.png Payload
BLU Bombcart.png
Devastation Zi devastation final1.png Zombie Infection
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul.png
Lava Pit Cp lavapit final.png Attack/Defend
Mannsylvania Pd mannsylvania.png Player Destruction
Mannsylvania Pickup.png
Murky Zi murky.png Zombie Infection
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul.png
Perks Arena perks.png Arena
Sandcastle Cp degrootkeep rats.png Control Point

Sanitarium Zi sanitarium.png Zombie Infection
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul.png
Slime Koth slime.png King of the Hill
Spineyard Pl spineyard.png Payload
BLU Bombcart.png
Woods Zi woods.png Zombie Infection
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul.png

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Jumping Jester Jumping Jester
Last Laugh Last Laugh
Shortness Of Breath Shortness Of Breath
Warlock's Warcloak Warlock's Warcloak
Dead Heat Dead Heat
Fiercesome Fluorescence
Viewmode spooky off.png
Fiercesome Fluorescence
Splitting Headache Splitting Headache
Viewmode spooky off.png
Mad Lad Mad Lad
Stunt Suit Stunt Suit
Thunder Dome Thunder Dome
Bare Bear Bones Bare Bear Bones
Make Ogre Make Ogre
Constructor's Cover Constructor's Cover
Dell Dynamic Dell Dynamic
Main Cast Main Cast
Medical Mummy Medical Mummy
Power Spike Power Spike
Viewmode spooky off.png
Sharpshooter's Shroud Sharpshooter's Shroud
Sightseer Sightseer
Classic Criminal Classic Criminal
Concealed Convict Concealed Convict
Six-Eyed Specs Six-Eyed Specs
Viewmode spooky off.png
Clown's Cover-Up Clown's Cover-Up
Demonic Dome Demonic Dome
Ludicrously Lunatic Lunon Fedora Ludicrously Lunatic Lunon Fedora
Mean Captain Mean Captain


Main article: Taunts
Neck Snap Neck Snap
Roar O'War Roar O'War
Borrowed Bones Borrowed Bones
Crypt Creeper Crypt Creeper


Main article: Tools
Bone-Chilling Bonanza Case Bone-Chilling Bonanza Case
Bone-Chilling Bonanza Key Bone-Chilling Bonanza Key

Unusual effects

Main article: Unusual effects
Scream Fortress XV Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Celestial Summit.png
Unusual Stellar Ascent.png
Unusual Sapped RED.png
Unusual Sapped BLU.png
Unusual Hellspawned Horns RED.png
Unusual Hellspawned Horns BLU.png
Celestial Summit Stellar Ascent RED BLU RED BLU
Sapped Hellspawned Horns
Unusual Demonic Impaler.png
Unusual Revenant's Rack.png
Unusual Sixth Sense RED.png
Unusual Sixth Sense BLU.png
Unusual Amygdala.png
Unusual The Bone Zone.png
Demonic Impaler Revenant's Rack RED BLU Amygdala The Bone Zone
Sixth Sense
Unusual Arachne's Web.png
Unusual Acidic Climate.png
Unusual Otherworldly Weather.png
Unusual Nightmarish Storm.png
Arachne's Web Acidic Climate Otherworldly Weather Nightmarish Storm
Taunt effects
Unusual Deep-sea Devourer.png
Unusual Eldritch Horror.png
Unusual Autumn Leaves.png
Unusual Dead Man's Party.png
Unusual Potion Explosion.png
Unusual Haunted Cremation.png
Deep-sea Devourer Eldritch Horror Autumn Leaves Dead Man's Party Potion Explosion Haunted Cremation
Unusual Cremation.png


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