Flamethrower (Classic)

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The Flamethrower is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress games and is only usable by the Pyro. It releases a stream of fire that can easily ignite any player, however it suffers from a lack of direct damage. To offset this, the Flamethrower deals additional damage over time due to afterburn. However, in Team Fortress Classic, it does not do much, because of decreased burn rate and burn time from before.

While underwater, the flamethrower's rate of fire is reduced and it spews harmless bubbles instead of flames.


20 per flame that hits the target; 2 point of "on fire" damage four times.

Note: in QWTF, the Flamethrower had a longer burn-time and faster burn-rate. In TFC, killing with afterburn takes greater efforts than in Quake Team Fortress, especially because of the reduced speed of afterburn.