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The Assault Cannon is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress series of games used by the Heavy Weapons Guy. It is an automatic weapon that fires a stream of bullets in a spread, similar to the spread of pellets fired by the Single-Barrel Shotgun. The gun must "wind up" a second before firing – a problem if the target is fast. It uses shells as ammo and does not need to be reloaded.

There are a few important differences between the Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic incarnations of this weapon. In Quake Team Fortress, winding up the Assault Cannon will automatically use ten cells, and the gun will automatically stop firing (but remain "wound up") if the user moves while the gun is firing. In Team Fortress Classic, the Assault Cannon does not use cells and the gun still fires while the user is moving.


The Assault Cannon deals a low amount of damage per bullet, but the rapid fire rate and multiple bullets fired per "shot" can quickly inflict significant damage at short or mid range.

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Fixed problem with looping Assault Cannon sound getting stuck.
  • Fixed problem with Assault Cannon never dry firing.


  • The Team Fortress Classic incarnation of this weapon allows the user to jump while firing.


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