Automatic Rifle (Classic)

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The Automatic Rifle is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress series of games and is only used by the Sniper.


  • It fires a stream of bullets that have near-perfect accuracy.
  • It deals 8 damage per successful hit. Combined with its accuracy, it makes it a very efficient personal defense weapon for the Sniper.


It shares ammunition with the Sniper Rifle. If not used carefully, it can consume all of the Sniper's shell reserve due to its high rate of fire.


  • The Team Fortress Classic Automatic Rifle design resembles the Heckler & Koch G36 with a ZF 3×4° dual optical sight.
  • This weapon's model is identical to the Sniper Rifle.


Team Fortress death messages

Player1 collects Player2's bullet spray.
Player killed by Automatic Rifle
Player1 collects Player2's highspeed gifts.
Player killed by Automatic Rifle in Birthday Mode

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