Incendiary Cannon (Classic)

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The Incendiary Cannon is a weapon in Team Fortress Classic games and is only used by the Pyro. It launches rockets that set targets within its blast radius on fire, even through walls. The rockets fired by the Incendiary Cannon are as fast as those fired by the Rocket Launcher, but deal reduced damage. Unlike the Rocket Launcher, it does not need to be reloaded. In all its incarnations, the Incendiary Cannon is the only weapon that can set targets on fire at anything other than close range.

While the player can rocket jump with the Incendiary Cannon, it will not propel the player as far as the Rocket Launcher. On the upside, it will do much less damage than using the Rocket Launcher would.

The amount of ammo consumed by the weapon depends on the game; in Quake Team Fortress it uses three rockets per shot. In Team Fortress Classic, it uses one rocket per shot.


30 to 60 per rocket, in a direct hit. The splash damage of this weapon is much less than scoring a direct hit. Armor also plays a factor in how much damage this weapon can do.


  • The Incendiary Cannon uses the same view model as the Rocket Launcher in both Quake Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic. The player model is the same for the old weapon set, but is different in the new weapon set.
  • The Quake model of this weapon (which was shared with Rocket Launcher) has been recreated for Team Fortress 2 as the Original.
  • The concept of a Pyro-use explosive launcher was revived in Team Fortress 2 as the Detonator (explode by pressing alt-fire) and the Scorch Shot (explode on impact)
    • The concept of a powerful, longer-ranged, projectile-based Pyro primary was also revisited with the Dragon's Fury.


Quake Team Fortress death messages

Player1 gets well done by Player2's incendiary rocket.
Player killed by Incendiary Cannon
Player1 gets all fired up by Player2.
Player killed by Incendiary Cannon in Birthday Mode
Player chars himself with an incendiary cannon.
Incendiary Cannon suicide