Rocket Launcher (Classic)

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The Rocket Launcher is a weapon in the Team Fortress Classic games and is only used by the Soldier. It fires a single rocket that will proceed in a straight line until it hits something, whether it be a wall, the ground or a player. When it explodes, all enemies with a small radius will suffer damage that decreases the further the victim is from the center of the explosion. Those caught in the blast radius will also fly into the air or suffer knockback depending upon the angle of impact.

The reloading time is about 1 second for each rocket.

The Rocket Launcher can be used to rocket jump.


100 if direct impact; high to low depending on where the target is in relation to the rocket's explosion radius.


  • The model in Team Fortress Classic is the same AGTM-4000 model from Half-Life.
  • The Quake version of this weapon was recreated, with remastered sound effects, in Team Fortress 2 as the Original.


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