Pipebomb Launcher (Classic)

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The Pipe bomb launcher is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress games and is only usable by the Demoman. It fires bouncy pipe bombs that can only be blown up on the player's command. Pipes will bounce off of any player they come in contact with while airborne, friend or foe. The projectiles fired by it are marked with a yellow band (for both teams) to differentiate them from grenades fired by the Grenade Launcher. Up to eight pipe bombs can be on the ground at once; pipes fired after that point will cause the oldest grenades to explode.

It shares a magazine with the Grenade Launcher.

Even if friendly fire is off, the Demoman that launched the pipe bombs can still be injured by the pipe bomb's explosions if they are near it. This can be used to Pipe Jump.

The reloading time is about 3.5 seconds for all six grenades.


100 average damage per pipe bomb. Damage decreases as the enemy is further away from the explosion.


Quake Team Fortress death messages

Player1 is caught by Player2's pipebomb trap.
Player killed by Pipe bombs
Player1 is caught by Player2's fireworks.
Player killed by Pipe bombs
Player ambushes himself with his own pipebombs.
Pipe bomb suicide
Player tried to juggle his own pipebombs.
Pipe bomb suicide

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Fixed bug where defensive Demoman could lay pipebombs/detpack in spawn room (on maps like Dustbowl) and kill offensive team when teams cycle to the next area.