Hallucination Grenade (Classic)

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This article is about the grenade in the Team Fortress classic series. For the scrapped grenade from Team Fortress 2, see Gas Grenade.

The Hallucination Grenade is a secondary grenade used by the Spy in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.

When the timer goes off, the Hallucination Grenade releases gas that causes any enemies that come in contact with it to take minor damage and hallucinate, making them hear and see things such as explosions and grenades that do not exist.


Low if an enemy stands in the gas. No damage after leaving gas, but hallucinations continue for about 15 seconds.

Team Fortress death messages

Player1 gags on Player2's noxious gases.
Player killed by the Hallucination Grenade
Player chokes on his own gas.
Hallucination Grenade suicide


  • If a player primes, but does not throw, the Hallucination Grenade when they are in the air at the same time that the grenade explodes, the grenade and its particle effect will bounce up and down until the grenade is depleted.


  • The Hallucination Grenade was scheduled to appear in Team Fortress 2 in the form of the Gas Grenade, but was scrapped when grenades were removed as weapons.