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The Crowbar (Axe in Quake Team Fortress) is a melee weapon used in Team Fortress Classic. It serves as the melee weapon for classes that do not have a unique alternative. It is used by most classes except for the Civilian (TFC Only), Medic, Engineer, and Spy classes.


  • The Axe or Crowbar is generally a weapon of last resort or a close quarters combat alternative to conserve ammo. Using it in any other situation would be an unwise decision, due to its low damage. Unlike melee weapons in Team Fortress 2, where melee weapons can be used strategically and as an effective tactic, the Crowbar in Team Fortress Classic and Axe in Quake World Team Fortress are almost purely last resort.
  • Using it against highly armored and healthed classes such as the Soldier or Heavy would be useless, unless these are severely wounded and need to be finished off, along with humiliation.
  • Each successful hit deals 18 damage points.

Quake Team Fortress Death Messages

Player1 was axe murdered by Player2.
Player killed by
Player1's melon was split by Player2.
Player killed by Scout's Axe
Player1 was put on the chop block on Player2.
Player killed by Sniper's Axe
Player1 was sliced and diced by Player2.
Player killed by Soldier's Axe
Player1 is split from crotch to sternum by Player2.
Player killed by Demoman's Axe
Player1 is split in two with a powerful axe blow from Player2.
Player killed by Heavy's Axe
Player1's death put another notch on Player2's axe.
Player killed by Pyro's Axe



  • During the development of Team Fortress 2, most classes were planned to have a crowbar as their melee weapon.
  • The Team Fortress Classic Civilian uses an Umbrella instead of a Crowbar. The Crowbar and Umbrella both have the same stats and use the same sounds/animations.
  • The Team Fortress Classic model uses the Half-Life crowbar model.
  • The Crowbar is still referred to as Axe in Team Fortress Classic's game files.