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Merasmissions were contracts given out by Merasmus during Scream Fortress events to players with a Soul Gargoyle to be awarded classic Halloween cosmetics, Spellbook Pages, and Halloween cases. Introduced in Scream Fortress 2015, Merasmissions were replaced with Halloween Contracts from Scream Fortress 2017 onward. Contracts completed under the ConTracker's Halloween Contracts set continue to be counted as Merasmissions by the Soul Gargoyle.


Participating players were granted one contract each day during the event. These contracts could be completed anytime during the event but should be completed before the event ends. Players who began participating after the first day would have access to the same number of contracts as players who joined on day one.

Each contract set a number of skill-based challenges the player could do to earn Merasmus Points (MP). This could include one or more Advanced objectives, but, unlike the previous Gun Mettle Campaign, contracts do not have a bonus component. To complete a contract, a player must earn 100 MP from that contract's objectives.

In Game

The in-game HUD displayed information about the player's active Merasmissions. This included the number of active contracts, the MP progression of each contract, and each Merasmission's objectives and MP value.

List of potential objectives

Merasmus objectives

  • (Advanced) Kill Merasmus: 100 MP

Monoculus objectives

  • (Advanced) Kill Monoculus on Eyeaduct: 100 MP

Horseless Headless Horsemann objectives

  • (Advanced) Kill the Horseless Headless Horsemann on Mann Manor: 100 MP

Eyeaduct objectives

  • Collect souls on Eyeaduct: 1 MP
  • Kill an enemy in Purgatory: 5 MP
  • Escape from Loot Island: 5 MP
  • Pumpkin bomb kill
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin
  • Kill while pumpkin crit boosted
  • Kill a player scared by a ghost

Ghost Fort objectives

  • Collect souls on Ghost Fort: 1 MP
  • Stun Merasmus with a bomb: 5 MP
  • Find Merasmus's hiding place: 5 MP
  • Escape Skull Island on Ghost Fort: 10 MP

Helltower objectives

  • Collect souls on Helltower: 1 MP
  • Kill a skeleton on Helltower: 2 MP
  • Kill an enemy in Hell on Helltower: 5 MP
  • Enter the clocktower during the witching hour: 5 MP
  • (Advanced) Reach the Bombinomicon in Helltower: 20 MP

Carnival of Carnage objectives

  • Collect souls on Carnival of Carnage: 1 MP
  • Revive a teammate during bumper cars: 2 MP
  • Collect a duck
  • Bump an enemy to death: 3 MP
  • Kill an enemy while cursed: 3 MP
  • (Advanced) Win a bumper car game: 15 MP

Mann Manor objectives

  • Collect souls on Mann Manor: 1 MP
  • Capture or Defend an objective on Mann Manor: 4 MP
  • Tag a player as 'IT' on Mann Manor: 10 MP

Harvest objectives

  • Collect souls on Harvest Event: 1 MP
  • Kill a scared enemy on Harvest Event: 3 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin on Harvest Event: 3 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Gorge Event objectives

  • Collect souls on Gorge Event: 1 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin: 5 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Moonshine objectives

  • Collect souls on Moonshine Event: 1 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin: 3 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Hellstone objectives

  • Collect souls on Hellstone: 1 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin: 3 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Sinshine objectives

  • Collect souls on Sunshine Event: 1 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin: 3 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Brimstone objectives

  • Collect souls on Brimstone: 1 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin: 3 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Maple Ridge objectives

  • Collect souls on Maple Ridge Event: 1 MP
  • Collect a Halloween Pumpkin: 3 MP
  • Kill with a pumpkin bomb: 5 MP

Pit of Death objectives

  • Collect souls on Pit of Death: 1 MP
  • Collect haunted souls: 2 MP
  • Deposit haunted souls in the Underworld: 3 MP

Note: It was possible to have two of the same Merasmission assigned, allowing a player to complete two Merasmissions at once.

Soul Gargoyle

Main article: Soul Gargoyle

The Soul Gargoyle is an item that granted access to Merasmissions and is upgraded with souls collected. Although Merasmissions have been replaced with Halloween Contracts, Soul Gargoyles continue to work as they did before the change, counting completed Halloween Contracts as Merasmissions and collecting souls when the player kills or assists in killing players, completes map objectives such as capturing a Control Point and pushing the Payload, or finds and collects a ghostly soul gargoyle that appears at random in some Halloween maps. After the fourth level, it will take 2000 souls for each level. Note that, after the fourth level, only the name of the item changes, but the icon remains the same.

Level 1
(0 Souls)
Soul Gargoyle
Level 2
(666 Souls)
Soul Gargoyle Bronze
Level 3
(1337 Souls)
Soul Gargoyle Silver
Level 4
(2000 Souls)
Soul Gargoyle Gold

Rank Souls Collected Name
0 0 Sad
1 666 Silly
2 1337 Sneering
3 2000 Happy
4 4000 Pleased
5 6000 Delighted
6 8000 Cheerful
7 10000 Joyous
8 12000 Dignified
9 14000 Proud
10 16000 Noble
11 18000 Honored
12 20000 Exalted
13 22000 Breathtaking
14 24000 Outrageous
15 26000 Spectacular
16 28000 Majestic
17 30000 Epic
18 32000 Legendary
19 34000 Australian
20 36000 Merasmus's Own

Update history

October 28, 2015 Patch (Scream Fortress 2015)
  • Added Merasmissions.
    • A new Merasmission will be available daily up to a total of 13.
    • Completing a Merasmission will give players a classic Halloween item and a chance of the Gargoyle Case.

November 3, 2015 Patch

  • Updated Merasmissions to include a Quickplay button that will automatically join the required map or open the Quickplay menu if any map can be used.

November 6, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed two of the Gorge Event Merasmission's objectives not working properly.

October 21, 2016 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress 2016)

  • Added 3 new Merasmissions for the featured maps.
    • Completing a Merasmission will give players a classic Halloween item and the chance for a Creepy Crawly Case.

October 21, 2016 Patch #2

  • Fixed not being able to gain progress on Merasmissions.

October 25, 2016 Patch

  • Fixed a problem causing some players to receive the incorrect number of Merasmissions.
    • Players should receive one Scream Fortress VIII Merasmission per day of the event, for a maximum possible of seven as of today.
    • Players who received too few Merasmissions will be able to quickly catch up to the intended amount.
    • A small number of players who received too many Merasmissions will not receive any for the next few days.

November 2, 2016 Patch

  • Fixed a case where players could suicide on a pumpkin bomb to gain progress on certain Merasmissions.

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