Gargoyles & Gravel

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Gargoyles & Gravel
Comic Strip Info
Released: October 28, 2015
Number of pages: 22
Artist: Rennerei
Jim Murray (cover art)
Writer: Jay Pinkerton & Erik Wolpaw
Colorist: Fayren

Gargoyles & Gravel is a comic that was released on October 28, 2015 to announce Scream Fortress 2015. It follows the Mercs & Miss Pauling throwing a Halloween party when Merasmus interrupts their festivities with a challenge.


Gargoyles & Gravel opens on Halloween night as the RED team is throwing a Halloween party. As the party is happening, Medic and Engineer are placing the brain of a criminal inside a Jack o' Lantern. While they take the lantern outside, Scout, Soldier, and Heavy are playing a fantasy role playing game called "Gargoyles & Gravel" with Miss Pauling. In-game, they are ambushed by goblins until Heavy announces he kills them all with Sasha. Miss Pauling informs them that they have entered a room with a lone amulet that looks dangerous. Despite the warnings, Soldier retrieves the amulet, killing his entire party.

Meanwhile, Merasmus announces his arrival outside the door of the party. After explaining to Miss Pauling who Merasmus is, they try to ignore him and proceed with the party until Merasmus pretends to be the pizza man. Spy goes to Merasmus and suspects that he is in debt to the mob over an ancient artifact that he needs the mercs help with. Merasmus lies that it isn't the case despite being held by Russian mobsters with the ancient artifact behind him. To try to peak their interest, Merasmus proclaims that all the monsters of Halloween's past have returned, and offers the challenge to collect their souls. The mercs ignore him and go back to their game where Soldier takes the amulet again, killing their in-game party. Bored, Heavy decides he'd rather fight Merasmus's monsters instead and asks the others to join him. The comic closes with the mercs exiting the building proclaiming that they accept Merasmus's challenge, saving him from a death by the hands of the mob.



  • The name "Gargoyles & Gravel" is a reference to the tabletop fantasy role playing game Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The costumes that Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Medic, Sniper and Spy wear are based on item sets added during previous Scream Fortress events. Scout is wearing the Deep Fried Dummy, Soldier is wearing the Tin Soldier, which he also wore in the Bombinomicon Comic, Heavy is wearing the FrankenHeavy, Medic is wearing the Mad Doktor, Sniper is wearing the Camper Van Helsing, and Spy is wearing the Invisible Rogue. Additionally, Miss Pauling is wearing a Ghastlierest Gibus.

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