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Strangifiers which can be obtained from Chemistry Sets
Cosmetic Bonk Boy Boston Boom-Bringer Ticket Boy
Bonk Boy Strangifier 1 Boston Boom-Bringer Strangifier 2 Ticket Boy Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Fancy Dress Uniform Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe All-Father Killer's Kit Ground Control
Fancy Dress Uniform Strangifier 1 Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe Strangifier 2 All-Father Strangifier 1 Killer's Kit Strangifier 3 Ground Control Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Stockbroker's Scarf Sight for Sore Eyes Cute Suit Sole Mate
Stockbroker's Scarf Strangifier 2 Sight for Sore Eyes Strangifier 1 Cute Suit Strangifier 3 Sole Mate Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Bird-Man of Aberdeen Dark Age Defender Bushi-Dou Dark Falkirk Helm Juggernaut Jacket Sangu Sleeves Sole Saviors Stylish DeGroot
Bird-Man of Aberdeen Strangifier 1 Dark Age Defender Strangifier 2 Bushi-Dou Strangifier 3 Dark Falkirk Helm Strangifier 3 Juggernaut Jacket Strangifier 3 Sangu Sleeves Strangifier 3 Sole Saviors Strangifier 3 Stylish DeGroot Strangifier 3
Cosmetic All-Father Sandvich Safe Toss-Proof Towel Bullet Buzz Combat Slacks Eliminators Safeguard Gone Commando Heavy Lifter
All-Father Strangifier 1 Sandvich Safe Strangifier 2 Toss-Proof Towel Strangifier 1 Bullet Buzz Strangifier 3 Combat Slacks Strangifier 3 Eliminator's Safeguard Strangifier 3 Gone Commando Strangifier 3 Heavy Lifter Strangifier 3
Leftover Trap Rat Stompers Sammy Cap Trash Man War Goggles Warmth Preserver
Leftover Trap Strangifier 3 Rat Stompers Strangifier 3 Sammy Cap Strangifier 3 Trash Man Strangifier 3 War Goggles Strangifier 3 Warmth Preserver Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Teddy Roosebelt Antarctic Researcher Ein Scotch Saver Trencher's Topper Trencher's Tunic
Teddy Roosebelt‎ Strangifier 1 Antarctic Researcher Strangifier 3 Ein Strangifier 3 Scotch Saver Strangifier 3 Trencher's Topper Strangifier 3 Trencher's Tunic Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Archimedes Foppish Physician Colonel's Coat Dough Puncher Fashionable Megalomaniac Gaiter Guards Heat of Winter Heer's Helmet
Archimedes Strangifier 1 Foppish Physician Strangifier 2 Colonel's Coat Strangifier 3 Dough Puncher Strangifier 3 Fashionable Megalomaniac Strangifier 3 Gaiter Guards Strangifier 3 Heat of Winter Strangifier 3 Heer's Helmet Strangifier 3
Mustachioed Mann Smock Surgeon Teutonic Toque
Mustachioed Mann Strangifier 3 Smock Surgeon Strangifier 3 Teutonic Toque Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Villain's Veil Outback Intellectual Archers Groundings Deep Cover Operator Huntsman's Essentials Toowoomba Tunic
Villain's Veil Strangifier 1 Outback Intellectual Strangifier 2 Archer's Groundings Strangifier 3 Deep Cover Operator Strangifier 3 Huntsman's Essentials Strangifier 3 Toowoomba Tunic Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Camera Beard Blood Banker Backstabber's Boomslang Deep Cover Operator Napoleon Complex
Camera Beard Strangifier 1 Blood Banker Strangifier 2 Backstabber's Boomslang Strangifier 3 Deep Cover Operator Strangifier 3 Napoleon Complex Strangifier 3
Cosmetic Professor Speks Summer Shades Merc's Pride Scarf RoBro 3000 Law
Professor Speks Strangifier 2 Summer Shades Strangifier 1 Merc's Pride Scarf Strangifier 1 RoBro 3000 Strangifier 1 Law Strangifier 3
  • 1 indicates a Series #1 Strangifier.
  • 2 indicates a Series #2 Strangifier.
  • 3 indicates a Series #3 Strangifier.
  • The inputs are randomly generated for every Chemistry Set that has a Strangifier as an output.
  • The inputs of Series 3 Chemistry Sets are always 3 Strange items and 3 Refined Metal.