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Robot may refer to:

Backpack Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I.png Botkiller weapons, Stock weapons with a robotic head attached to them.
Item icon Gunslinger.png Gunslinger, a melee weapon for the Engineer.
Item icon Robo-Sandvich.png Robo-Sandvich, a secondary weapon for the Heavy.
Item icon Short Circuit.png Short Circuit, a secondary weapon for the Engineer.
Game modes
Heavybot blu.png Mann vs. Machine, a cooperative game mode.
Asteroid RED Bot A.png Robot Destruction, a game mode.
Cosmetic items for the Scout
Item icon Bolt Boy.png Bolt Boy,
Item icon Bonk Leadwear.png Bonk Leadwear,
Item icon Bot Dogger.png Bot Dogger,
Item icon Robot Running Man.png Robot Running Man,
Item icon Ye Oiled Baker Boy.png Ye Oiled Baker Boy.
Cosmetic items for the Soldier
Item icon Full Metal Drill Hat.png Full Metal Drill Hat,
Item icon Soldier's Sparkplug.png Soldier's Sparkplug,
Item icon Steel Shako.png Steel Shako,
Item icon Tin Pot.png Tin Pot,
Item icon Tin Soldier.png The Tin Soldier, a Halloween costume item set
Item icon Idiot Box.png Idiot Box,
Item icon Shoestring Budget.png Shoestring Budget,
Item icon Steel Pipes.png Steel Pipes,
Item icon Tyrantium Helmet.png Tyrantium Helmet.
Cosmetic items for the Pyro
Item icon Bolted Birdcage.png Bolted Birdcage,
Item icon Dead Heat.png Dead Heat,
Item icon Electric Escorter.png Electric Escorter,
Item icon Filamental.png Filamental,
Item icon Firewall Helmet.png Firewall Helmet,
Item icon Googol Glass Eyes.png Googol Glass Eyes,
Item icon Metal Slug.png Metal Slug,
Item icon Plumber's Pipe.png Plumber's Pipe,
Item icon Plutonidome.png Plutonidome,
Item icon PY-40 Incinibot.png PY-40 Incinibot,
Item icon Pyrobotics Pack.png Pyrobotics Pack,
Item icon Pyro's Boron Beanie.png Pyro's Boron Beanie,
Item icon Respectless Robo-Glove.png Respectless Robo-Glove,
Item icon Rusty Reaper.png Rusty Reaper,
Item icon Scrap Sack.png Scrap Sack.
Cosmetic items for the Demoman
Item icon Alcoholic Automaton.png Alcoholic Automaton,
Item icon Battery Bandolier.png Battery Bandolier,
Item icon Bolted Bicorne.png Bolted Bicorne,
Item icon Bolted Bombardier.png Bolted Bombardier,
Item icon Broadband Bonnet.png Broadband Bonnet,
Item icon Cyborg Stunt Helmet.png Cyborg Stunt Helmet,
Item icon FR-0.png FR-0,
Item icon HDMI Patch.png HDMI Patch,
Item icon Pure Tin Capotain.png Pure Tin Capotain,
Item icon Scrumpy Strongbox.png Scrumpy Strongbox,
Item icon Strontium Stove Pipe.png Strontium Stove Pipe.
Cosmetic items for the Heavy
Item icon Bunsen Brave.png Bunsen Brave,
Item icon Gridiron Guardian.png Gridiron Guardian,
Item icon Little Bear.png Little Bear,
Item icon Purity Fist.png Purity Fist,
Item icon Titanium Towel.png Titanium Towel,
Item icon Tungsten Toque.png Tungsten Toque,
Item icon U-clank-a.png U-clank-a.
Cosmetic items for the Engineer
Item icon Clockwerk's Helm.png Clockwerk's Helm,
Item icon Data Mining Light.png Data Mining Light,
Item icon Dead'er Alive.png Dead'er Alive,
Item icon Dual-Core Devil Doll.png Dual-Core Devil Doll,
Item icon Googly Gazer.png Googly Gazer,
Item icon Iron Lung.png Iron Lung,
Item icon Master Mind.png Master Mind,
Item icon Plug-In Prospector.png Plug-In Prospector,
Item icon Roboot.png Roboot,
Item icon Teddy Robobelt.png Teddy Robobelt,
Item icon Texas Tin-Gallon.png Texas Tin-Gallon,
Item icon Timeless Topper.png Timeless Topper,
Item icon Tin-1000.png Tin-1000.
Cosmetic items for the Medic
Item icon Byte'd Beak.png Byte'd Beak,
Item icon Halogen Head Lamp.png Halogen Head Lamp,
Item icon Mecha-Medes.png Mecha-Medes,
Item icon Medic Mech-Bag.png Medic Mech-Bag,
Item icon Platinum Pickelhaube.png Platinum Pickelhaube,
Item icon Practitioner's Processing Mask.png Practitioner's Processing Mask,
Item icon Steam Pipe.png Steam Pipe,
Item icon Titanium Tyrolean.png Titanium Tyrolean,
Item icon Virus Doctor.png Virus Doctor.
Cosmetic items for the Sniper
Item icon Bolted Bushman.png Bolted Bushman,
Item icon Letch's LED.png Letch's LED,
Item icon Shooter's Tin Topi.png Shooter's Tin Topi,
Item icon Soldered Sensei.png Soldered Sensei.
Cosmetic items for the Spy
Item icon Base Metal Billycock.png Base Metal Billycock,
Item icon Bootleg Base Metal Billycock.png Bootleg Base Metal Billycock,
Item icon Megapixel Beard.png Megapixel Beard,
Item icon Stealth Steeler.png Stealth Steeler.
Cosmetic items for multiple classes
Item icon Computron 5000.png Computron 5000, for Scout, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, and Spy.
Item icon Dual-Core Devil Doll.png Dual-Core Devil Doll, for the Engineer and Sniper.
Item icon Scrap Pack.png Scrap Pack, for the Pyro and Medic.
Cosmetic items for classes
Item icon Electric Badge-aloo.png Electric Badge-aloo,
Item icon Friends Forever Companion Square Badge.png Friends Forever Companion Square Badge,
Item icon Galvanized Gibus.png Galvanized Gibus,
Item icon Modest Metal Pile of Scrap.png Modest Metal Pile of Scrap,
Item icon Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats.png Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats,
Item icon Robot Chicken Hat.png Robot Chicken Hat,
Item icon RoBro 3000.png RoBro 3000,
Item icon Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats.png Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats.
Item icon RoboCrate.png Robo Community Crate, a tool item.
Item icon RoboCrate Key.png Robo Community Crate Key, a tool item.
Scoreboard ping bot blue.png Bots, a computer-controlled player.
Mvm logo.png Mann vs. Machine, a major content update.
Camera.png Robotic Boogaloo, a trailer for the Robotic Boogaloo update.
Fight Songs TMOTF2.jpg ROBOTS!, one of the song titles listed in the Team Fortress 2 Official Soundtrack.
Heavybot blu.png Robots in the Mann vs. Machine game mode.
Asteroid RED Bot A.png Robots in the Robot Destruction game mode.
Tobor.png Tobor, an unused texture.
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Robot Arm.png Voodoo-Cursed Robot Arm, a crafting ingredient.
Robotic Boogaloo, a major content update.
Shoot Many Robots, a 4-player co-op shooter game.
User bots, bots which perform automated edits on the Official Team Fortress Wiki.