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Tip of the Hats is an annual live streamed charity event hosted by the competitive Team Fortress 2 community. The purpose of the event is to entertain the community and to collect monetary and in-game item donations from the community for One Step Camp , a nonprofit organization that sends cancer-afflicted children to camp.

A list of 2014 donators can be found here: [1]

2014 event times and dates can be found here: [2]


The first event, held in April 2013, lasted 36 hours and raised over $35,000. Players from around the world participated in the live stream and helped to make it one of the biggest events in Team Fortress 2 history, with more than 65,000 people tuning in.

The second event, held in March 2014, lasted 36 hours and raised over $108,000, with more than 580,000 people tuning in.

The third event will be held on September 19th and September 20, 2015.

Item auctions

Since in-game items would be of no use to One Step Camp, a number of donated in-game items ranging from strange weapons to unusual cosmetic items were sold to players for money during multiple silent auctions. These items themselves would often be sold for more than regular value as they were gifted by individuals who have dedicated a vast majority of their time into Team Fortress 2 and are known for it or have contributed a large amount of their time towards making the Team Fortress 2 community a better place.

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