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Fans have been mailing us for some time now, asking for a contest that didn't involve modeling or level design. So now they get their wish. That's right: you'll be competing over who can describe hats the best. Introducing the first ever TF2 Hat Describing Contest.
TF2 Official Blog

The Hat Describing Contest was a contest announced on August 24, 2010.

Following criticism that previous TF2 contests shunned players that lacked above-average skill in computer modeling, the TF2 team announced the competition in a blog post. The aim was to introduce a contest that would be accessible to the majority of the community, albeit those registered on the Steam forums. The object of the contest was to allow members of the community to write descriptions for the various in-game cosmetic items available at the time.

Winning entries, as selected by Valve, were added to the corresponding item in-game as an official description.

Guidelines and Deadline

The deadline for the Hat Describing Contest was August 27, 2010. Submissions were posted in a series of specially-created threads on the Steam Users' Forums.

Submission Rules

  • Give a brief, interesting description of the item in 75 words or less.
  • You must be the sole author of the description and the material must be original to you.
  • The winning descriptions for each item will be determined by the TF2 team and may be used in-game.

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