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Operation Digital Directive is a community Mann vs. Machine event organized and hosted by Potato's Custom MvM Servers and Creators.TF that was announced on April 7, 2021, released on April 10, 2021, and concluded on September 1, 2021. The event was teased in a manner similar to the official Mann vs. Machine: across four days, the Creators.TF website was updated to reveal new features on each day, culminating in the fourth day where the event was officially released.

Day 1: Maps and Missions

Day 1 revealed the maps and missions that would be available during the event. All 30 missions across 22 maps are considered as "hard advanced" difficulty, similar to missions on Operation Titanium Tank. These missions are divided into two tours: Platinum Palliative and Malware Mashup. In addition, Day 1 also revealed the campaign system, website layout and Mechachievements.


Mechachievements are optional goals that grant Campaign Points upon completion. While each Mechachievement has a main objective and two bonus objectives like the current contract system in the game, these do not require to be activated manually by players. Progress made on Mechachievements is saved even after a wave loss.

There are a total of 52 Mechachievements, and these are divided into three difficulties named after MvM mission difficulties: Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Mechachievements range from generic objectives that any class can contribute on to class-specific objectives that require a specific weapon to complete.

Platinum Palliative

The Platinum Palliative tour contains vanilla missions with little to no modifications.

Map Mission Waves Creators
Akure Thermal Thunder 7 Startacker!
Autumnull Tincan Termination botrot
Boogge Rotten Resurgence 1
Estate Carbureted Clash 6 Braindawg
Giza Tomb Adventure 5 zombie (anti-robot AI)
Goldpit Equal Opposites 7 Startacker!
Gilded Mainframe Athazar
Hanami Typhoon Tycoon 6 Pealover
Hideout Wet Warfare
Hoovy Dam Blast Perfect 3
Production Indeathrialization 7 I LOVE CORDELIUS
Rust Valley Dust and Dirt 6
Tensai Scarlet Embodiment Remilia Scarlet
Surface Tension 7 Tindall Berry
Transmission White Noise 6 ♓Seelpit♓

Malware Mashup

The Malware Mashup tour contains missions that feature extensive modifications to not only robots, but also the players.

Map Mission Waves Creators
Akure Reboot Rush 7 CreatorForce
Autumnull Dynamic Disaster 2 Braindawg
Boogge Voidlings 5 gettysburg
Cliffside Ashes to Ashes
Bionic Bits 7 Hell-met
Dusk Chasing Daybreak CreatorForce
Estate Marina Mayhem 6 Tindall Berry
Kelly Mobocracy Hell-met
Seabed Ocean Commotion Slimeakku
Sharp Sudden Equinox 5 gettysburg
Silent Sky Ground Zero 6 Athazar
Swirl Alpine Skylines Slimeakku
Winterbridge Corrupted Catharsis 4 Athazar
Necromantic Nonsense 5 Mince
Yiresa Mesa Malware 6 Slimeakku

Day 2 : Augmentations

Day 2 introduced several various gameplay changes from robots and players, unseen before in previous Potato.TF events. However, these changes vary from mission to mission, but most of these can be found in missions that are part of the Malware Mashup tour.


Several of these changes for the robot team include the following:

  • Some robots are able to cast Halloween spells and activate Power Up Canteens.
  • Some robots are "reprogrammed" to join the mercenary team as allies.
  • Sentry Buster explosions no longer destroy other robots.
  • Pyro Robots airblast more projectiles, from jars to stickybombs.


Several of these changes for the mercenaries include the following:

  • New Creators.TF weapons
  • Default stat changes to weapons and players (such as no fall damage)
  • Restrictions to individual upgrades such as Explosive Headshot
  • Restrictions to gameplay mechanics, such as no refunds and class limits

Day 3 : Medal of Honor

Day 3 unveiled the possible exclusive rewards that can be earned during the event. Similar to Mann Up mode, these rewards are given when a mission is completed. These rewards are only visible and usable on Creators.TF servers.

Strange Parts/Killstreak Kits

Strange Parts drops are available and can be assigned to Strange-quality weapons. However, the type of Strange Parts have been expanded from the usual roster in the game, which includes MvM-related ones such as destroyed Giant Robots of a specific class.

Killstreak Kit drops are available in Basic, Specialized or Professional quality. These killstreak kit effects are similar to the ones found in Mann Up.


The Digital Directive crate that can possibly drop during the event contains the following cosmetics when opened:

  • Hypno Helmet
  • Vroomvroom Juju
  • Bolted Beret
  • Lightning Strike
  • Rusty Receiver
  • Steeler's Visor
  • Hat of Untangled Wires and Rust
  • Data Node


The Manncoin Miner serves as the only medal that can be earned during the event. The medal can be first obtained by reaching 1000 Campaign Points, and will change styles as more Campaign Points are acquired. The following are all the possible styles:

  • Assembled (1000 Campaign Points)
  • Upgraded (3000 Campaign Points)
  • Overclocked (6000 Campaign Points)
  • Australium (10000 Campaign Points)

New Zealium weapons

New Zealium weapons are rare rewards that can only be obtained upon completing an entire tour (either Platinum Palliative or Malware Mashup). The possible weapons are the following:

Notes: The weapon originates from the Creators.TF servers.

Day 4 : Deployment

Day 4 marks the official release of the event, where Creators.TF campaign servers are launched around the world. The announcement also includes a detailed list of patch notes and a Frequently Asked Questions section.



Global changes

  • The following upgrades have been disabled as they are either deemed imbalanced or bugged; attempting to buy these will only cause them to be immediately removed and the money to be refunded:
    • The Pyro's Explode on Ignite Upgrade for the Gas Passer.
    • The Pyro's Burn Time Upgrade for all primary and several secondary weapons.
    • The Engineer's Sentry Gun's 3rd firing speed upgrade. The first 2 upgrades function normally.
    • The Medic's ÜberCharge duration upgrade for the Vaccinator.
  • The Damage Bonus upgrade from the Demoman's Loose Cannon now functions completely.
  • The Scout now collects money instantly within his money collection radius.
  • The Spy's Your Eternal Reward no longer has a delay on its disguise-on-kill. In other words, it now functions similarly to regular non-MvM gameplay.
  • Most weapons that cause knockback (such as Loose Cannon and Scorch Shot) can no longer affect Giant Robots. Only airblast and the Knockback Rage upgrade can push back Giants.
  • The Medic's Ubersaw Ubercharge gain rate is now affected by a robot's rage giving scale attribute. Simply put, if less rage can be gained for a Soldier's banners or a Pyro's Phlogistinator, the same applies to the Ubersaw. Boss Robots in particular will grant little to no Uber at all.
  • Airblast has been reverted to pre-Jungle Inferno Update strength.
  • Sniper Robots have their lasers removed for stealth.
  • Some Robots are now able to take advantage of Halloween spells.
  • Soldier Robots are now able to take advantage of a brand new type of rocket, internally called Homing_Rocket. These rockets will constantly target players when fired and are devastating on impact.


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