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This article documents the unofficial fan update. For the patch that included Medieval Mode, see Australian Christmas.
Welcome to the Dominatining!
The Demoman
The Medieval Update title card.

The Medieval Update is an unofficial fan update featuring items created by 38 model makers. This update follows the day-by-day release style used by many official updates, as well as the Fancy vs. Nasty Update.

The Medieval Update was mentioned by the TF2 Official Website on July 26, 2011.


Day 1

Class Item Creator(s) Notes
Outwood's Outlander HellJumper Part of HellJumper's "Pillager's Pass" pack [1]
Hewer's Hatchet
Guardman's Gear
Merlin's Malady
Murky Extract Mnemo
Fire Bug Zoey
Satchel O' Faeces SgtR007
Bramble Slasher Vonwilbur
Lunatic's Plight Vi3trice
Arbalest's Bolter 「Reagy」ー❤
Hacksaw Ducksink
Berliner's Beerstein Matt
Templar Tabard Napy Da Wise
Monsieur Parazit
Knight Helm / Bedervere's Bowl Pogo
Non-Sterile Surgical Scissors <<GT500>> JZeeba
Caduceus Contrails

Day 2

Class Item Creator(s) Notes
Siege Kit crazy-g Part of crazy-g's "Gate Crasher" pack.
Barbarian's Sallet
Mangled Mace
Commander Cannonfire Actual Trash
Odin's Officer Cap Vonwilbur
Plundered Pot Mnemo
Roasted Dragon Bone <<GT500>> JZeeba
Spoils O' War SgtR007
Jouster's Jabber Zoey
Big Boar's Ribs Ducksink
Righteous Rittzar Hawf 
'Stache of the Rising Sun Toast
Goliath's Guard Ducksink

Day 3

Class Item Creator(s) Notes
Brigand's Barbiche Ritz
Mannchurian Mr. Fangora
Chancellor's Chapeau Treythepunkid
Ear Dagger Nare
Antique Anlice DeR‎osaJ
Detective's Stilleto Vonwilbur
Muted Resolve Vi3trice
Rogue's Rapier Ritz
Frenchlock DeR‎osaJ
Criterion Mnemo
Firkin Flamer Hideous
Wizzard's Headdress Actual Trash
Sage's Burning Passion Lime Flavored Dragon
Sewed Madman Napy Da Wise
Monsieur Parazit
Murder's Mask Skizot
Hellmet Gryoss
Shepherd's Shining
Gruesome Punishment Vi3trice
Fire Mace Rozzy
Lucifer's Lantern Pogo
Branding Iron Matt
Dragon's Gem Lime Flavored Dragon

Day 4

Class Item Creator(s) Notes
Tinkerer's Tudor Topper Ritz
Manipulator's Mutilator ColonelBD
Blacksmith's Bonebreaker Jakob
Blackpool Bumper Hideous
Machinist's Manuscript Tropical Dad
Splinter Vonwilbur
Southie Arlecchino <<GT500>> JZeeba
Prankster's Sneakers Modified into the Bootie Time and made official with the December 15, 2011 Patch.
Tam O' Shatter Contrails
Pride of the Tiltyard Mnemo Part of Mnemo's "Pious Paladin" pack.
Celtic Kite
Lochaber Ducksink Part of Ducksink's "Scottish Guard" pack.
O' Kettle
Mighty Pirate NeoDement Part of NeoDement's "Swashbuckler's Swag" pack. Made official with the October 13, 2011 Patch.
Scotland Shard
Anglo-Saxton's Mask Mnemo
Battle Bruised Bullet Helm Mad the Mike


Map Map Type File Name Creator(s)
Mally1.jpeg Morrigan Alley Payload pl_morrigan_alley_b3 Treythepunkid

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