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Operation Titanium Tank was a community Mann vs Machine mission making competition and tour event organized and hosted by Potato's Custom MvM Servers that was announced on November 17, 2017 and concluded on August 22nd, 2018.

The Competition

The first part of the event was a mission making contest. Every contestant that had a valid popfile (more than one mission per contenstant was also allowed) before the 1st of January, 2018, would receive the event's medal while the six overall best missions would be used for a community created tour called "Titanium Tank" which opened up to the public about a month later. The six (with one tie making it the top 7) overall best also got rewarded an extra event medal for their efforts, bringing the total amount of possible medals one can own, including the medal for completing the tour itself, up to three.

The competition concluded with 56 participants who submitted a total of 68 missions. The 6 winning entries are displayed below.


Placement Map Mission Creator Score
1st Dockyard Spyware Shipping (ATG) Jakapoa 91
2nd Waterfront Watershed Waylay Swordstone 88
3rd Downtown Entertainer’s Entourage Star Bright 86
4th Steep Peak Performance Dayal 85
5th Teien Program Seppuku Quenquent 84
6th Powerplant Power Palliative Flowaria_ 81
(6th) Metro Evil Eye Nuke 81
Notes The tie was broken by the beta testers voting on their personal preference out of the two missions. Both creators still received an extra medal.


Starting from February 1, 2018, players were able to play the six missions and complete the Titanium Tank tour. Upon completion, players are awarded the Titanium Tank Participant Medal 2017. The campaign ended on August 22nd, 2018, extended from its original stated deadline.

Tour Rules

  1. The difficulty of the tour is advanced mode, since the contest asked for advanced mode difficulty missions. The missions will be challenging, but should not be too hard. If you are capable of completing Mecha Engine or Two Cities, you shouldn't have problems completing this community tour. We recommend not attempting the tour if you are incapable of handling MvM at an advanced difficulty, unless you have a group of friends to help complete it with.
  2. The tour must be completed on our MvM servers - not accept completion records from other community servers. We cannot verify if other servers are running MvM under the same vanilla conditions that we are (just like how mann up is restricted to Valve servers), nor can we be (re)assured that the progress data reported from other server are genuine and honest
  3. The tour deadline for Titanium Tank is May 31st, 2018 @ 11:59 PM ET
  4. The rules of the tour completion are different here than in Mann Up. See the completion rules below.

Completion Rules

  • Unlike in Mann Up, merely reaching a mission to victory does not count as a mission completion. The server does not record mission completions – it only tracks individual wave completions.
  • You must complete each wave of each mission in the tour from start to finish without leaving. You must be on the defending team (team RED) before the wave starts, be on the defending team when the wave ends, and not drop out in the middle (even for a reconnect).
  • If you start a wave but leave in the middle, join in the middle of a wave and finish it, or you fail a wave, you will not receive credit for that wave. You will need to replay it in full to earn credit. We want all tour players to experience the community’s work entirely (to support the creators).
  • The server will inform you if you have earned a wave credit for the wave you just completed. You can also check which credits you have and need to earn on the tour progress website.
  • The Titanium Tank Medal will drop in your inventory once you earn your last wave credit and leave the server. If the tour website reports 100% completion, but you do not receive your medal, contact an admin.

Tour Missions

Spyware Shipping

Waves: 6

  • Possesses a unique 'support' class of boss during the final wave: the Dockyard Mortar Monstrosity. Constantly bombards the front of the main building with explosives, making it increasingly difficult to defend.

Watershed Waylay

Waves: 6

  • This mission features a new type of robot and debuff: caustic. Marked by distinct unusual effects on their hats or weapons, caustic damage inflicts a bleed debuff that can be stacked multiple times on the player. This debuff can be washed off by standing in any of the water present on this mission's map, Waterfront.

Entertainer’s Entourage

Waves: 7

Peak Performance

Waves: 6

Program Seppuku

Waves: 7

Power Palliative

Waves: 7

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