A/D CTF and Payload Race Contest

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What happens if you give some TF2 mappers six months to make a map? What happens if that map is payload race or a resurrected Team Fortress Classic gamemode, Attack/Defend CTF? We decided to find out.

Occurring in 2009, the A/D CTF and Payload Race Contest was the third annual mapping contest run by TF2Maps.net. It encouraged mappers to create either Payload Race maps or A/D CTF maps. It resulted in 16 entries, and a combination of judge and public voting was used to determine the winners.

PLR Entries

Thumbnail Map Name Author Score (out of 5)
Nightfall stage2.png Nightfall Aaron "Psy" Garcha 4.07
Plr panic b20005.jpg Panic Kevin "Ravidge" Brook 4.05
Solitude main.jpg Solitude Pitto 3.80
Plr highwind a4 2.jpg Highwind bob+M|M+ 3.37
Cornfield main.jpg Cornfield DaBeatzProject 3.32
Scoville main.jpg Scoville Void 3.24
Plr arctic a53.jpg Arctic Altaco 2.96
Animus main.jpg Animus Fearlezz 2.64
Rollout1 v5E.jpg Rollout Ezekel 2.29

A/D CTF Entries

Thumbnail Map Name Author Score (out of 5)
Ctf haarp.jpg HAARP Dr. Spud 4.30
Ctf vector v10005.jpg Vector Icarus 4.17
Ctf slate.jpg Slate YM 3.80*
Ctf premuda.jpg Premuda Eerieone 3.75
Ctf snowdrift b20004.jpg Snowdrift Jonah 3.67
Ctf panamint a180023.jpg Panamint Hanz 3.04
Ctf bayou c0001.jpg Bayou Chaopsychochick 2.79

* YM was also a judge and disqualified from winning. Premuda took third.

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