October 6, 2010 Patch

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Patch notes

Engine (CS:S, DoD:S, HL2DM, and TF2)

  • ServerBrowser now sorts by ping by default once again.
  • Fixed Mac crash on launch when running Mac OSX 10.5.8.
  • Fixed spectator bug where spectating a Sniper looking through scope didn't zoom fov.

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed an issue that caused some old demos to crash.
  • The server browser now sorts by ping by default.
  • The Trading dialog now starts with the chat window having focus.
  • Fixed a bug that caused overheal to not work properly.
  • Fixed the Sandvich cooldown not occurring when the Heavy is hurt.
  • Fixed the Heavy's hands being invisible.
  • Soldiers no longer maintain their rage level when changing loadout.
  • Alerts now sort on top of achievement status.
  • Prevented a bad state occurring when someone tried to trade with themselves.
  • Fixed a dueling related crash caused by custom scoreboard UIs.
  • Fixed players not being able to set their default FOV correctly.
  • Fixed being unable to equip customized shotguns & pistols on some classes.
  • Improved the explanation of the item set bonus in set item descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where items with particle systems would show up at the player's feet or pelvis.
  • Fixed the wrench number for the Golden Wrench not displaying properly.
  • Fixed the medal number for the Gentle Manne's Service Medal not displaying properly.
  • Fixed client seeing incorrect message when changing team while participating in a duel.
  • Added Remove Name and Remove Paint features.
  • Achievement items and store promotion items are now usable in crafting.
  • Gifted items are now craftable and tradable[1].
  • Attempting to craft a non tradable item will result in a warning that the items produced by the craft will also be marked as non tradable.
  • Community, Self-Made, and Valve items are not tradable or usable in crafting.
  • Changed "Not Craftable" description to "Not Usable in Crafting" to increase clarity.
  • The TF badge on the Glengarry Bonnet is no longer team colored.
  • Restored the missing PDA2 Slot Token.
  • Restored the appearance of the Tippler's Tricorne to the version prior to the Mannconomy Update. This item is now paintable.
  • Added a new paintable hat, the 'Rimmed Raincatcher' that has a new Tricorne style appearance.
  • The Earbuds are now nameable.
  • Duel fixes:
    • Fixed Dueling badges using the wrong texture.
    • Fixed an issue where dueling stats did not show up on dueling badges above Bronze.
    • During a duel, the Dueling Mini-Game item used to initiate the duel cannot be deleted, traded or crafted.
    • Dueling Mini-Game now drops with 5 uses.
  • The following hats now allow the paint to affect their color more (colors should not be washed out): The Pugilist's Protector, The Hard Counter, The Bombing Run, Football Helmet, Fancy Fedora, Cowboy Hat, Engineer's Cap, Viking Helm, Respectless Rubber Glove, Batter's Helmet, Brigade Helm, Master's Yellow Belt, Killer's Kabuto, Backbiter's Billycock.
  • The Battalion's Backup no longer gives rage for falling damage.
  • The Shortstop is now affected by tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads.
  • The Gloves of Running Urgently now using the boxing taunt and boxing glove weapons are now of the type "Boxing Gloves" instead of "Fists."
  • Your Eternal Reward no longer disguises the Spy if the victim survives the backstabbing attempt (because of Ubercharge, The Razorback, etc).
  • Your Eternal Reward no longer disguises the Spy if they are carrying the flag.
  • The Holy Mackerel no longer displays a fish hit message when a Spy disguised as the attacker's team is hit.
  • The Holy Mackerel no longer triggers other death events (like achievements or stats mods) improperly.
  • The Sydney Sleeper no longer penetrates targets.
  • The Sydney Sleeper no longer randomly crits.
  • Milk will no longer spray from the barrels of other Scout weapons when switching from the Mad Milk.

Undocumented changes