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This is a list of items that were formerly available for purchase in the Mann Co Store.



See also: Halloween

All items in the Halloween category are available for purchase during Anniversary Halloween Event.


Item icon Noise Maker Bundle.png Item icon Curse-a-Nature.png Item icon Tin Soldier.png Item icon Infernal Imp.png Item icon Highland Hound.png Item icon FrankenHeavy.png
Noise Maker Bundle The Curse-a-Nature The Tin Soldier The Infernal Imp The Highland Hound The FrankenHeavy
Item icon Brundle Bundle.png Item icon Mad Doktor.png Item icon Camper Van Helsing.png Item icon Invisible Rogue.png Item icon Halloween 2011 Costume Bundle of Bundles.png  
The Brundle Bundle The Mad Doktor The Camper Van Helsing The Invisible Rogue Halloween 2011 Costume Bundle of Bundles

Bundle contents

Other items

Item icon Noise Maker - Banshee.png Item icon Noise Maker - Black Cat.png Item icon Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh.png Item icon Noise Maker - Gremlin.png Item icon Noise Maker - Stabby.png Item icon Noise Maker - Werewolf.png
Noise Maker - Banshee Noise Maker - Black Cat Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh Noise Maker - Gremlin Noise Maker - Stabby Noise Maker - Werewolf
Item icon Noise Maker - Witch.png Item icon Spine-Chilling Skull.png Item icon Voodoo Juju.png Item icon Spine-Chilling Skull 2011.png  
Noise Maker - Witch Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Spine-Chilling Skull 2011

Australian Christmas

See also: Australian Christmas

This item was sold from December 17, 2010 to December 31, 2010.

Item icon Festive Winter Crate Key.png  
Festive Winter Crate Key

Shogun Pack

See also: Shogun Pack

This item was sold from March 10, 2011 to March 23, 2011.

Item icon Noise Maker - Koto.png  
Noise Maker - Koto

Japan Charity Bundle

See also: Japan Charity Bundle

These items were sold from March 23, 2011 through April 6, 2011.

Item icon Japan Charity Bundle.png Item icon Humanitarian's Hachimaki.png Item icon Benefactor's Kanmuri.png Item icon Magnanimous Monarch.png Item icon Noise Maker - Bell.png Item icon Noise Maker - Gong.png
Japan Charity Bundle Humanitarian's Hachimaki Benefactor's Kanmuri Magnanimous Monarch Noise Maker - Bell Noise Maker - Gong

Bundle contents

Über Update

See also: Über Update

These bundles were removed from the store on June 23, 2011 for the Über Update.

Item icon Polycount Pack.png Item icon The Croc-o-Style Kit.png Item icon The Gas Jockey's Gear.png Item icon The Saharan Spy.png Item icon The Special Delivery.png Item icon The Tank Buster.png
Polycount Pack The Croc-o-Style Kit The Gas Jockey's Gear The Saharan Spy The Special Delivery The Tank Buster
Item icon The Medieval Medic.png Item icon The Expert's Ordnance.png Item icon The Hibernating Bear.png Item icon Winter Update Pack.png Item icon A Bargaining Manne's Bundle of Bargains.png Item icon Box of Fancy Hats.png
The Medieval Medic The Expert's Ordnance The Hibernating Bear Winter Update Pack A Bargaining Manne's Bundle of Bargains Box of Fancy Hats
Item icon Pile of Nasty Weapons.png Item icon The Emperor's Assortment.png  
Pile of Nasty Weapons The Emperor's Assortment

Bundle contents

Summer Sun Bundle

See also: Summer Camp Sale

These items were sold from July 1, 2011 through July 11, 2011.

Item icon Summer Sun Bundle.png Item icon Lucky No. 42.png Item icon Flip-Flops.png Item icon Summer Hat.png Item icon Noise Maker - Fireworks.png Item icon Refreshing Summer Cooler Key.png
Summer Sun Bundle Lucky No. 42 Flip-Flops Summer Hat Noise Maker - Fireworks Refreshing Summer Cooler Key

Bundle contents

Australian Christmas 2011

See also: Australian Christmas 2011

These items were sold from December 15, 2011 to January 4, 2012.

Item icon Naughty Winter Crate Key.png Item icon Nice Winter Crate Key.png  
Naughty Winter Crate Key Nice Winter Crate Key

Pyromania Update

See also: Pyromania Update

This item was sold from June 27, 2012 through July 11, 2012.

Item icon Scorched Key.png  
Scorched Key

Fall Key

See also: Fall Crate

This item was sold from September 6, 2012 through September 21, 2012.

Item icon Fall Key.png  
Fall Key

Spectral Halloween Special

See also: Spectral Halloween Special

This item was sold from October 26, 2012 through November 8, 2012.

Item icon Eerie Key.png  
Eerie Key

Mecha Update

See also: Mecha Update

These items were sold from December 20, 2012 to January 4, 2013.

Item icon Naughty Winter Crate Key 2012.png Item icon Nice Winter Crate Key 2012.png  
Naughty Winter Crate Key 2012 Nice Winter Crate Key 2012

Retired items

These items were retired by Valve and are not available via the Mann Co. Store anymore.

Item icon Batter's Helmet.png Item icon Soldier's Stash.png Item icon Pyro's Beanie.png Item icon Demoman's Fro.png Item icon Football Helmet.png Item icon Mining Light.png
Batter's Helmet Soldier's Stash Pyro's Beanie Demoman's Fro Football Helmet Mining Light
Item icon Prussian Pickelhaube.png Item icon Trophy Belt.png Item icon Fancy Fedora.png  
Prussian Pickelhaube Trophy Belt Fancy Fedora