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This is the list of all items, that are unavailable for purchase in Mann Co. Store.

These items are not available for purchase, but most are still available in-game through crafting, opening crates, completing achievements, drops, special promotions, or trading. Items listed here may become available after some time, and some may be completely unavailable because they were part of a special promotion or event that has passed and are not tradable, such as the Golden Wrench and Polycount Pin.



Item icon Alien Swarm Parasite.png Item icon Amber's Rad As All Hell Hat.png Item icon Aperture Labs Hard Hat.png Item icon Area 451.png Item icon Athletic Supporter.png Item icon B.M.O.C..png
Alien Swarm Parasite Amber's Rad As All Hell Hat Aperture Labs Hard Hat Area 451 Athletic Supporter B.M.O.C.
Item icon Battle Bob.png Item icon Bill's Hat.png Item icon Bolgan.png Item icon Bolt Action Blitzer.png Item icon Bolted Bushman.png Item icon Bounty Hat.png
Battle Bob Bill's Hat Bolgan Bolt Action Blitzer Bolted Bushman Bounty Hat
Item icon Brain Bucket.png Item icon Bushman's Boonie.png Item icon Cheater's Lament.png Item icon Clockwerk's Helm.png Item icon Cockfighter.png Item icon Combat Medic's Crusher Cap.png
Brain Bucket Bushman's Boonie Cheater's Lament Clockwerk's Helm Cockfighter Combat Medic's Crusher Cap
Item icon Conjurer's Cowl.png Item icon Crafty Hair.png Item icon Cross-Comm Crash Helmet.png Item icon Cross-Comm Express.png Item icon Dashin' Hashshashin.png Item icon Dead Cone.png
Conjurer's Cowl Crafty Hair Cross-Comm Crash Helmet Cross-Comm Express Dashin' Hashshashin Dead Cone
Item icon Dealer's Visor.png Item icon Dueler.png Item icon Ebenezer.png Item icon El Jefe.png Item icon Ellis' Cap.png Item icon Flamingo Kid.png
Dealer's Visor Dueler Ebenezer El Jefe Ellis' Cap Flamingo Kid
Item icon Frontline Field Recorder.png Item icon Full Head Of Steam.png Item icon Gentle Munitionne of Leisure.png Item icon Ghastlier Gibus.png Item icon Ghastlierest Gibus.png Item icon Ghastly Gibus.png
Frontline Field Recorder Full Head of Steam Gentle Munitionne of Leisure Ghastlier Gibus Ghastlierest Gibus Ghastly Gibus
Item icon Ghostly Gibus.png Item icon Gifting Man From Gifting Land.png Item icon Halloween Masks.png Item icon Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect.png Item icon Heavy Artillery Officer's Cap.png Item icon Hero's Hachimaki.png
Ghostly Gibus Gifting Man From Gifting Land Halloween Masks Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect Heavy Artillery Officer's Cap Hero's Hachimaki
Item icon Hero's Tail.png Item icon Hetman's Headpiece.png Item icon Holiday Headcase.png Item icon J.Axer's Dapper Topper.png Item icon Janissary Ketche.png Item icon Lacking Moral Fiber Mask.png
Hero's Tail Hetman's Headpiece Holiday Headcase J.Axer's Dapper Topper Janissary Ketche Lacking Moral Fiber Mask
Item icon Lo-Fi Longwave.png Item icon Lone Star.png Item icon Lumbricus Lid.png Item icon Mann Co. Cap.png Item icon Mann Co. Online Cap.png Item icon Manniversary Paper Hat.png
Lo-Fi Longwave Lone Star Lumbricus Lid Mann Co. Cap1 Mann Co. Online Cap1 Manniversary Paper Hat
Item icon Mask of the Shaman.png Item icon Max's Severed Head.png Item icon Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask.png Item icon MONOCULUS!.png Item icon Party Hat.png Item icon Philateler.png
Mask of the Shaman Max's Severed Head Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask MONOCULUS! Party Hat Philateler1
Item icon Pilotka.png Item icon Planeswalker Helm.png Item icon Point and Shoot.png Item icon Proof of Purchase.png Item icon Robot Running Man.png Item icon Saxton Hale Mask.png
Pilotka Planeswalker Helm Point and Shoot Proof of Purchase Robot Running Man Saxton Hale Mask
Item icon Seal Mask.png Item icon Skull Island Topper.png Item icon Spiral Sallet.png Item icon Stahlhelm.png Item icon Stealth Steeler.png Item icon Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat.png
Seal Mask Skull Island Topper Spiral Sallet Stahlhelm Stealth Steeler Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat
Item icon Superfan.png Item icon Tin Pot.png Item icon Tin-1000.png Item icon Top Notch.png Item icon Treasure Hat.png Item icon Triclops.png
Superfan Tin Pot Tin-1000 Top Notch Treasure Hat Triclops
Item icon U-clank-a.png Item icon Uncle Sam.png Item icon War Head.png Item icon Warsworn Helmet.png Item icon Wiki Cap.png Item icon World Traveler's Hat.png
U-clank-a Uncle Sam War Head Warsworn Helmet Wiki Cap World Traveler's Hat1

1 Despite not being directly sold, these items can only be acquired with a store purchase. See each item page for further details...


Item icon Atomic Accolade.png Item icon Awesomenauts Badge.png Item icon Barely-Melted Capacitor.png Item icon Battery Bandolier.png Item icon Bolgan Family Crest.png Item icon Bombinomicon.png
Atomic Accolade Awesomenauts Badge Barely-Melted Capacitor Battery Bandolier Bolgan Family Crest Bombinomicon
Item icon Bronze Dueling Badge.png Item icon Cold War Luchador.png Item icon Companion Cube Pin.png Item icon Dangeresque, Too.png Item icon Director's Vision.png Item icon Doublecross-Comm.png
Bronze Dueling Badge Cold War Luchador Companion Cube Pin Dangeresque, Too? Director's Vision Doublecross-Comm
Item icon Dr. Grordbort's Copper Crest.png Item icon Dr. Grordbort's Crest.png Item icon Dr. Grordbort's Silver Crest.png Item icon Earbuds.png Item icon Essential Accessories.png Item icon Faerie Solitaire Pin.png
Dr. Grordbort's Copper Crest1 Dr. Grordbort's Crest1 Dr. Grordbort's Silver Crest1 Earbuds Essential Accessories Faerie Solitaire Pin
Item icon Foster's Facade.png Item icon Friends Forever Companion Square Badge.png Item icon Gentle Manne's Service Medal.png Item icon Gold Dueling Badge.png Item icon Grizzled Veteran.png Item icon Heroic Companion Badge.png
Foster's Facade Friends Forever Companion Square Badge Gentle Manne's Service Medal Gold Dueling Badge Grizzled Veteran Heroic Companion Badge
Item icon License to Maim.png Item icon Map Maker's Medallion.png Item icon Mark of the Saint.png Item icon Medic Mech-bag.png Item icon Merc Medal.png Item icon Mercenary.png
License to Maim Map Maker's Medallion Mark of the Saint Medic Mech-bag Merc Medal Mercenary
Item icon Noise Maker - TF Birthday.png Item icon Noise Maker - Winter Holiday.png Item icon Operation Gear Grinder Badge.png Item icon Operation Oil Spill Badge.png Item icon Operation Mecha Engine Badge.png Item icon Operation Steel Trap Badge.png
Noise Maker - TF Birthday Noise Maker - Winter Holiday Operation Gear Grinder Badge Operation Oil Spill Badge Operation Mecha Engine Badge Operation Steel Trap Badge
Item icon Planeswalker Goggles.png Item icon Platinum Dueling Badge.png Item icon Polycount Pin.png Item icon Power Up Canteen.png Item icon Primeval Warrior.png Item icon Professor Speks.png
Planeswalker Goggles Platinum Dueling Badge Polycount Pin Power Up Canteen Primeval Warrior Professor Speks
Item icon Professor's Pineapple.png Item icon Pyrobotics Pack.png Item icon Pyrovision Goggles.png Item icon Quadwrangler.png Item icon Ready Steady Pan Participant.png Item icon Resurrection Associate Pin.png
Professor's Pineapple Pyrobotics Pack Pyrovision Goggles Quadwrangler Ready Steady Pan Participant Resurrection Associate Pin
Item icon Russian Rocketeer.png Item icon Saxxy Clapper Badge.png Item icon Scrap Pack.png Item icon Sign of the Wolf's School.png Item icon Silver Dueling Badge.png Item icon Sniper's Snipin' Glass.png
Russian Rocketeer Saxxy Clapper Badge Scrap Pack Sign of the Wolf's School Silver Dueling Badge Sniper's Snipin' Glass
Item icon Soldier of Fortune.png Item icon SpaceChem Pin.png Item icon Spirit Of Giving.png Item icon Stockbroker's Scarf.png Item icon Summer Shades.png Item icon Tournament Medal - Electronic Sports League.png
Soldier of Fortune SpaceChem Pin Spirit of Giving Stockbroker's Scarf Summer Shades Tournament Medal - Electronic Sports League
Item icon Tournament Medal - ETF2L Highlander Tournament.png Item icon Tournament Medal - GWJ Tournament.png Item icon Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander Tournament (Season 3).png Item icon Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander Tournament (Season 5).png Item icon Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander Tournament (Season 6).png Item icon Triple A Badge.png
Tournament Medal - ETF2L Highlander Tournament Tournament Medal - GWJ Tournament Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander (Season 3) Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander (Season 5) Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander (Season 6) Triple A Badge
Item icon Vigilant Pin.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul.png Item icon Whale Bone Charm.png  
Vigilant Pin Voodoo-Cursed Soul Whale Bone Charm

1 Despite not being directly sold, these items can only be acquired with a store purchase. See each item page for further details...


Item icon Apoco-Fists.png Item icon AWPer Hand.png Item icon Big Kill.png Item icon Black Rose.png Item icon Blood Botkiller Wrench Mk.I.png Item icon Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.I.png
Apoco-Fists AWPer Hand Big Kill Black Rose Blood Botkiller weapons Mk.I Carbonado Botkiller weapons Mk.I
Item icon Deflector.png Item icon Diamond Botkiller Wrench Mk.I.png Item icon Enthusiast's Timepiece.png Item icon Festive Wrench.png Item icon Fishcake.png Item icon Frying Pan.png
Deflector Diamond Botkiller weapons Mk.I Enthusiast's Timepiece Festive weapons Fishcake Frying Pan
Item icon Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.I.png Item icon Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.II.png Item icon Golden Wrench.png Item icon Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker.png Item icon Iron Curtain.png Item icon Lugermorph.png
Gold Botkiller weapons Mk.I Gold Botkiller weapons Mk.II Golden Wrench Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker Iron Curtain Lugermorph
Item icon Maul.png Item icon Memory Maker.png Item icon Robo-Sandvich.png Item icon Rust Botkiller Wrench Mk.I.png Item icon Saxxy.png Item icon Sharp Dresser.png
Maul Memory Maker Robo-Sandvich Rust Botkiller weapons Mk.I Saxxy Sharp Dresser
Item icon Sharpened Volcano Fragment.png Item icon Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.I.png Item icon Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.II.png Item icon Sun-on-a-Stick.png Item icon Three-Rune Blade.png Item icon Vita-Saw.png
Sharpened Volcano Fragment Silver Botkiller weapons Mk.I Silver Botkiller weapons Mk.II Sun-on-a-Stick Three-Rune Blade Vita-Saw
Item icon Golden Frying Pan.png Item icon Australium Wrench.png  
Golden Frying Pan Australium weapons


Item icon 'Fish'.png Backpack Mysterious Treasure.png Backpack Mysterious Treasure.png Item icon Eerie Crate.png Item icon Fall Crate.png Item icon Festive Winter Crate.png
'Fish' Burned Banana Peel Charred Pocket Lint Eerie Crate Fall Crate Festive Winter Crate
Item icon Secret Diary.png Item icon Antique Halloween Goodie Cauldron.png Item icon Halloween Spells.png Item icon Haunted Metal Scrap.png Backpack Mysterious Treasure.png Item icon Naughty Winter Crate.png
Fireproof Secret Diary Antique Halloween Goodie Cauldron Halloween Spells Haunted Metal Scrap Incinerated Barn Door Plank Naughty Winter Crate
Item icon Naughty Winter Crate 2012.png Item icon Nice Winter Crate.png Item icon Nice Winter Crate 2012.png Item icon Mann Co. Store Package.png Item icon Mann Co. Supply Crate.png Item icon Manniversary Package.png
Naughty Winter Crate 2012 Nice Winter Crate Nice Winter Crate 2012 Mann Co. Store Package Mann Co. Supply Crate Manniversary Package
Item icon Moustachium Bar.png Item icon Pile of Ash.png Item icon Pile of Curses.png Item icon Reclaimed Metal.png Item icon Refined Metal.png Item icon Refreshing Summer Cooler.png
Moustachium Bar Pile of Ash Pile of Curses Reclaimed Metal Refined Metal Refreshing Summer Cooler
Item icon RIFT Well Spun Hat Claim Code.png Backpack Mysterious Treasure.png Item icon Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate.png Item icon Scorched Crate.png Item icon Scrap Metal.png Backpack Mysterious Treasure.png
RIFT Well Spun Hat Claim Code Roasted Goldfish Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate Scorched Crate Scrap Metal Smoked Cheese Wheel
Item icon Spacemetal Scrap.png Item icon Stocking Stuffer Key.png Item icon Strange Part.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Bag of Quicklime.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Nail.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Novelty Bass.png
Spacemetal Scrap Stocking Stuffer Key Strange Part Voodoo-Cursed Bag of Quicklime Voodoo-Cursed Nail Voodoo-Cursed Novelty Bass
Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Old Boot.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Robot Arm.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Skeleton.png Item icon Voodoo-Cursed Sticky-Bomb.png Item icon What's in the Sandvich Box?.png  
Voodoo-Cursed Old Boot Voodoo-Cursed Robot Arm Voodoo-Cursed Skeleton Voodoo-Cursed Sticky-Bomb What's in the Companion Square Box?
Item icon What's in the Sandvich Box?.png Item icon What's in the Sandvich Box?.png  
What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box? What's in the Sandvich Box?

1 Despite not being directly sold, these items can only be acquired with a store purchase. See each item page for further details...