Mann Co. Painting Set

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Anuhza successful procedure!
The Medic getting multiple paint cans

The Mann Co. Painting Set is a tool item. It is represented by two metal buckets of paint, one spilling out yellow, orange, and purple paint, and the other spilling black, green, and blue paint.

Upon use, this item gives the player up to three random Paint Cans.

Paints that can be obtained

The paints that may come out of the Mann Co. Painting Set are those obtainable through the item drop system.

Paints obtainable through the item drop system
Picture Name Color Picture Name Color
Paint Can 729E42.png Indubitably Green #729E42 Paint Can 7D4071.png A Deep Commitment to Purple #7D4071
Paint Can CF7336.png Mann Co. Orange #CF7336 Paint Can A57545.png Muskelmannbraun #A57545
Paint Can 51384A.png Noble Hatter's Violet #51384A Paint Can C5AF91.png Peculiarly Drab Tincture #C5AF91
Paint Can 7E7E7E.png Aged Moustache Grey #7E7E7E Paint Can 694D3A.png Radigan Conagher Brown #694D3A
Paint Can E7B53B.png Australium Gold #E7B53B Paint Can D8BED8.png Color No. 216-190-216 #D8BED8
Paint Can 7C6C57.png Ye Olde Rustic Colour #7C6C57 Paint Can 424F3B.png Zepheniah's Greed #424F3B

Update history

March 12, 2013 Patch

  • The Mann Co. Painting Set was added to the game.


  • Although the item's backpack icon depicts various paint colors in the buckets, all six of them are not found in the Mann Co. Painting Set products: black (A Distinctive Lack of Hue), a bright blue that does not closely match any team color paint, a fuchsia-like purple that does not closely resemble any available purplish paint (A Deep Commitment to Purple, Noble Hatter's Violet, and Color No. 216-190-216), a light yellow (inbetween Australium Gold and The Color of a Gentlemann's Business Pants), a light green paler than Indubitably Green, and an orange lighter than Mann Co. Orange.

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