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Ooh, much better.
The Medic after applying a Strangifier

A Strangifier is a tool item. It is represented by a capped square bottle with a gray-colored liquid, with labels that read "GRAY SCIENCE KIT" and "STRANGIFIER". The blank center of the label is filled with whatever Strange item is depicted for the output. It is comparable to the Strange Bacon Grease.

When the Strangifier is used, the user is prompted to select an item within their inventory. Upon confirmation, the Strangifier is consumed and the selected item is converted into one with a Strange quality, keeping the item's custom name or description, if it has one. This process cannot be reverted. Items with a quality besides Unique retain their original name, colours, and properties, such as particle effects of Unusuals, and simply have Strange features appended to them.


Possible variants

Possible Strangifiers
Secondary Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Strangifier2
Cosmetic Bonk Boy Boston Boom-Bringer Sole Saviors Ticket Boy
Bonk Boy Strangifier Boston Boom-Bringer Strangifier Sole Saviors Strangifier Ticket Boy Strangifier
Primary Cow Mangler 5000 Air Strike
Cow Mangler 5000 Strangifier5 Air Strike Strangifier3
Secondary Righteous Bison
Righteous Bison Strangifier6
Cosmetic Fancy Dress Uniform Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe All-Father Killer's Kit Ground Control
Fancy Dress Uniform Strangifier Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe Strangifier All-Father Strangifier Killer's Kit Strangifier Ground Control Strangifier
Primary Phlogistinator
Phlogistinator Strangifier2
Secondary Manmelter
Manmelter Strangifier3
Melee Third Degree
Third Degree Strangifier5
Cosmetic Stockbroker's Scarf Sight for Sore Eyes Apparition's Aspect Cute Suit Sole Mate
Stockbroker's Scarf Strangifier Sight for Sore Eyes Strangifier Apparition's Aspect Strangifier3 Cute Suit Strangifier Sole Mate Strangifier
Melee Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker Strangifier4
Cosmetic Private Eye Bird-Man of Aberdeen Dark Age Defender Bushi-Dou Juggernaut Jacket Sangu Sleeves Stylish DeGroot Sole Saviors
Private Eye Strangifier2 Bird-Man of Aberdeen Strangifier Dark Age Defender Strangifier Bushi-Dou Strangifier Juggernaut Jacket Strangifier Sangu Sleeves Strangifier Stylish DeGroot Strangifier Sole Saviors Strangifier
Toowoomba Tunic All-Father
Toowoomba Tunic Strangifier All-Father Strangifier
Cosmetic Big Chief All-Father Sandvich Safe Toss-Proof Towel Bullet Buzz Combat Slacks Eliminators Safeguard Gone Commando
Big Chief Strangifier2 All-Father Strangifier Sandvich Safe Strangifier Toss-Proof Towel Strangifier Bullet Buzz Strangifier Combat Slacks Strangifier Eliminator's Safeguard Strangifier Gone Commando Strangifier
Heavy Lifter Leftover Trap Rat Stompers Sammy Cap Trash Man War Goggles Warmth Preserver
Heavy Lifter Strangifier Leftover Trap Strangifier Rat Stompers Strangifier Sammy Cap Strangifier Trash Man Strangifier War Goggles Strangifier Warmth Preserver Strangifier
Primary Widowmaker Pomson 6000
Widowmaker Strangifier3 Pomson 6000 Strangifier1
Cosmetic Teddy Roosebelt Antarctic Researcher Ein Scotch Saver Trencher's Topper Trencher's Tunic Cute Suit All-Father
Teddy Roosebelt Strangifier Antarctic Researcher Strangifier Ein Strangifier Scotch Saver Strangifier Trencher's Topper Strangifier Trencher's Tunic Strangifier Cute Suit Strangifier All-Father Strangifier
Secondary Vaccinator
Vaccinator Strangifier3
Cosmetic Private Eye Archimedes Foppish Physician Colonel's Coat Dough Puncher Fashionable Megalomaniac Gaiter Guards Heat of Winter
Private Eye Strangifier2 Archimedes Strangifier Foppish Physician Strangifier Colonel's Coat Strangifier Dough Puncher Strangifier Fashionable Megalomaniac Strangifier Gaiter Guards Strangifier Heat of Winter Strangifier
Heer's Helmet Smock Surgeon Teutonic Toque All-Father
Heer's Helmet Strangifier Smock Surgeon Strangifier Teutonic Toque Strangifier All-Father Strangifier
Primary Classic
Classic Strangifier3
Secondary Cleaner's Carbine
Cleaner's Carbine Strangifier2
Cosmetic Villain's Veil Anger Outback Intellectual Archers Groundings Huntsman's Essentials Toowoomba Tunic Deep Cover Operator All-Father
Villain's Veil Strangifier Anger Strangifier3 Outback Intellectual Strangifier Archer's Groundings Strangifier Huntsman's Essentials Strangifier Toowoomba Tunic Strangifier Deep Cover Operator Strangifier All-Father Strangifier
Cosmetic Camera Beard Private Eye Blood Banker Backstabber's Boomslang Napoleon Complex Deep Cover Operator
Camera Beard Strangifier Private Eye Strangifier2 Blood Banker Strangifier Backstabber's Boomslang Strangifier Napoleon Complex Strangifier Deep Cover Operator Strangifier
Melee Necro Smasher
Necro Smasher Strangifier 4
Cosmetic Ghastly Gibus Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask Ghastlier Gibus Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Professor Speks Summer Shades
Ghastly Gibus Strangifier4 Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask Strangifier4 Ghastlier Gibus Strangifier4 Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head Strangifier4 Spine-Chilling Skull Strangifier4 Voodoo Juju Strangifier4 Professor Speks Strangifier Summer Shades Strangifier
Merc's Pride Scarf Ghastlierest Gibus MONOCULUS! Spine-Chilling Skull 2011 RoBro 3000 Ghostly Gibus Skull Island Topper Dark Falkirk Helm
Merc's Pride Scarf Strangifier Ghastlierest Gibus Strangifier4 MONOCULUS! Strangifier4 Spine-Chilling Skull 2011 Strangifier 4 RoBro 3000 Strangifier Ghostly Gibus Strangifier4 Skull Island Topper Strangifier4 Dark Falkirk Helm Strangifier
Law Mustachioed Mann
Law Strangifier Mustachioed Mann Strangifier

Update history

August 27, 2013 Patch #1

  • The Strangifier was added to the game.

September 3, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed not-tradable Strangifiers not applying the not-tradable status to the item they are used on.

October 29, 2014 Patch (Scream Fortress 2014)

  • [Undocumented] Added new Strangifiers for some Halloween items.

January 4, 2018 Patch #1

  • Updated Strangifiers so they can no longer be applied to War Paint items.


  • Although the item description says that a Normal quality is needed, other qualities are also acceptable for input, such as Vintage, Genuine and Collector's. However, weapons with a War Paint cannot be used.


  • In the item description, "strangifier" is not capitalized.


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