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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Well (Lipunryöstö)}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Well (Lipunryöstö)}}
{{Map infobox
{{Map infobox
| game-type=Capture the Flag
| game-type=Capture the Flag
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== Sijainnit ==
== Galleria ==
[[File:Well overview.png|thumb|Overview of CTF Well]]
* '''Rocket Silo (Intelligence room)''' - The furthest rooms in RED and BLU's bases. The central feature in this room is the launch platform on which the Intelligence sits (floating on a small cart-like object). Above this is a massive rocket, which gives the impression that it is about to be prepped for launch. There are two staircases on either side of the circular platform leading up from the ground floor. The room may be accessed by four entrances, two of which lead from the 'Attic' to the catwalks around the perimeter of the room, and above the rocket launch platform. A medium [[Health|medpack]] and [[Ammo|Ammo crate]] sit behind the Intelligence platform, near the back wall, and small ammo packs lie at the far left and right sides of the room.
* '''Attic (Third Floor)''' - The third floor of each team's base. A wooden floor runs the perimeter of the room, leading to a brickwork corridor to the Sniper Deck on one side, and an open doorway to the command room overlooking the Silo on the other. The center of the room opens up to the ground floor, and is popular with Engineers for setting up Sentry Guns to cover the area, due to the guns being difficult to hit from the ground floor. Medium Medpacks and Ammo Crates lie at either side of the room.
* '''Sniper Deck (Second Floor)''' - A long, windowed corridor that runs the width of each team's base. Most commonly referred to as the Sniper Deck simply because of its popularity with Snipers. A brickwork corridor in the center leads to the attic, and a corridor at either end leads to the Atrium catwalks. From the Sniper Deck most of the yard can be seen, including the enemies Sniper deck.
* '''Ground Floor (The Atrium)''' - The main room of each team's base. Two wide corridors leading to large roll-up doors are situated at each end of the room. A small room sits between the corridors, with a staircase to the Sniper Deck and a one-way hatch leading to the moat outside the base. The spawn rooms are at either end of The Atrium; (coming from the Silo) the Right Spawn-Room faces square-on with the roll-up door at the end of the corridor, whereas the Left Spawn-Room door is set perpendicular to roll-up door. The area that would normally house the [[Control point (objective)/fi|Komentopiste]] on [[cp well]] is replaced with wooden walls. Catwalks run the perimeter of the rear portion of the atrium, leading to the Sniper deck by way of short corridors to the left and right.
* '''The Yard''' - The area between RED and BLU's bases. Outside each base is a deep moat, accessible from inside the base by way of a one-way hatch. Two bridges outside each roll-up door cross the moat, leading to the central area of the yard. This area is dominated by parked traincars, stacks of crates, and a single, long shed that covers a set of rails. A single train passes through this shed on a semi-regular basis, making the interior of the shed hazardous. Two small ammo crates and 2 medium medpacks lie at either end of the shed.
<gallery widths=150px heights=90px>
<gallery widths=150px heights=90px>
File:ctfwell02.png | Overview of mid.
File:ctfwell02.png | Näkymä kartan keskustaan.
File:ctfwell03.png | The trainhouse in the center.
File:ctfwell03.png | Keskellä oleva junahalli.
File:ctfwell01.png | BLU's intel room.
File:ctfwell01.png | BLU-tukikohta.
File:ctfwell04.png | RED's intel room.
File:ctfwell04.png | RED-tukikohta.
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* Poistettiin keskimmäinen rakennus, rajoitettiin kartan pituutta.
* Poistettiin keskimmäinen rakennus, rajoitettiin kartan pituutta.
* Redistributed health and ammunition throughout the bases.
* Redistributed health and ammunition throughout the bases.
== Bugit ==
*Using the Sticky Jumper, players can launch themselves to the top barrier of the map allowing the player to be perched on top of the skybox. Also, a player can use this technique to leave the playing area of the map entirely.
== Triviaa ==
*While there are features that have been added and removed from the map, TF2's Well (Capture the Flag) design is more true to the original [[Team Fortress Classic]] map.
==Katso myös==
==Katso myös==

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Well (Capture the Flag)
Karttatyyppi Lipunryöstö
Tiedostonimi: ctf_well
Tekijä(t): Valve
Kartan tiedot
Ympäristö: Teollinen
Asetelma: Päivänvalo, aurinkoinen
Syvää vettä: Kyllä
Vaaroja: Juna
Kartan esineet
Healthico.png Terveyspaketteja: Smallhealth.png ×4   •   Mediumhealth.png ×8
Ammoico.png Ammuslaatikoita: Smallammo.png ×8   •   Mediumammo.png ×10
Menu photos ctf well.png
Map Overview
Well (Control Point) overview.png
Well-kartasta on myös olemassa seuraava(t) versio(t): Areena ja Komentopisteet.
...gonna take down to the pain train station in train town...
Demoman yrittää humalassa muistaa mennä junaan

Well on Lipunryöstö-kartta ja se julkaistiin 25. tammikuuta 2008 -päivitys ensimmäisenä virallisena karttana joka lisättiin peliin pelin julkaisun jälkeen. Kartta on hieman muokattu versio Komentopiste-muodostaan. Suurin ero Well (Lipunryöstö):n ja Well (Komentopisteet):n välillä on, että keskimmäinen rakennus on kokonaan poistettu ja korvattu paljon pienemmällä katoksella, jonka läpi menee vain yksi juna, eikä kahta. Kartta on täysin symmetrinen keskimmäisen junaradan kohdalta. Toinen huomattava muutos on uudelleensyntymishuoneet. Lipunryöstö-versiossa uudelleensyntymishuoneet löytyvät läheltä rakennuksen uloskäyntejä.

Voittaaksesi tiimisi pitää viedä vihollisen tiedustelusalkkuja kunnes saavutat tietyn rajan, (normaalisti 3) jonka aikana yrität estää vihollistiimiä saavuttamasta samaa.




Katso Community Well (CTF) strategy


25. tammikuuta 2008 -päivitys

  • Lisättiin uusi lipunryöstökartta, CTF_Well

14. helmikuuta 2008 -päivitys

  • Fixed trains not starting on map spawn.
  • Removed cap association from red spawns that were spamming console.
  • Lisättiin ctf_well tavalliseen mapcycle.txt-tiedostoon.
  • Lisättiin ctf_well tavalliseen motd.txt-tiedostoon.

20. maaliskuuta 2008 -päivitys

  • Päivitettiin ctf_well korjaten muutamia virheitä.

19. kesäkuuta 2008 -päivitys (Pyro-päivitys)

  • Added a route from the forward central foyer up to the battlements.
  • Poistettiin keskimmäinen rakennus, rajoitettiin kartan pituutta.
  • Redistributed health and ammunition throughout the bases.

Katso myös