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Pl swiftwater frc70000.jpg
Karttatyyppi Pommilasti
Tiedostonimi: pl_swiftwater_final1
Tekijä(t): What Is Schwa
Kartan tiedot
Ympäristö: Alpine
Asetelma: Daylight, sunny
Kartan esineet
Healthico.png Terveyspaketteja: Smallhealth.png ×14   •   Mediumhealth.png ×8   •   Largehealth.png ×3
Ammoico.png Ammuslaatikoita: Smallammo.png ×4   •   Mediumammo.png ×7   •   Largeammo.png ×9
Map Overview
Swiftwater overview.png

Swiftwater on yksivaiheinen pommilasti kartta. Alppi tyylinen kartta sisältää 4 komentopistettä ja suosii jatkuvaa työntöä BLUlta, samalla yrittäen kaataa REDin puolustuksen.

Kartan tarinan mukaan (kuten näytetään heijastettuna filminä BLUn spawnissa), BLU on pullottanut vettä tehdäkseen nopeaa tuloa. Kuitenkin, RED on saanut selville tästä taktiikasta ja ovat myrkyttäneet BLUn vesi reservit REDin tukikohdan sisältä, Red Planet Chemicals naamiona. Siten, BLUn tehtävä on työntää pommilasti REDin tukikohtaan, jossa se sitten räjähtää, tuhoten tukikohdan ja pysäyttäen heidän vesi myrkytys suunnitelmansa.

Swiftwaterista tuli virallinen Meet Your Match Updatessa. Sitä on usein käytetty competitive Highlander pelejä varten.


Komentopiste 1

Komentopiste 1 on juuri BLU spawnin ulkopuolella pienen puisen sillan toisella päällä ylittäen ison rotkon. Saavuttaakseen pisteen, kärryä työnnetään BLU spawnilta yli rotkon ensimmäinen kerran, sitten ympäri tiellä olevan ison kiven ja ylös jyrkkää rinnettä. Kärry sitten ohittaa ison tankin ohi ja rakennuksen ohi vasemmalla puolella reittiä ennen kuin yrittää takaisin rotkon yli puisen sillan yli.

Piste itse sijaitsee juuri ennen sisäänkäyntiä pieneen luola osaan. Pieni harjanne istuu BLU spawnin ja pisteen välillä, jossa on pieni puinen mökki yhdellä puolella harjannetta. Takana on iso kaksikerroksinen rakennus, yleisesti käytetty Sniper pisteenä, joka myöhemmin tarjoaa BLUlle suoran reitin komentopisteille 2 ja 3. Keskikokoinen terveyspakkaus sekä iso ammuslaatikko ovat juuri oikealla komentopisteen vieressä.

Komentopiste 2

Komentopiste 2 sijaitsee pienen rinteen pohjalla juuri ennen Capture Point 2 is located at the bottom of a small incline just before a bend in the cart path to the left. Preceding the point along the cart path is a brief cave section, with an elevated area to the right of the path as it winds back and forth. It then makes a left turn and begins heading downhill soon after toward the point.

Above the point is a high wooden bridge/catwalk connecting buildings on the left and right side of the area. To the immediate right of the cart path are rocks that can be climbed up on. Opposite the cave area exit is an entrance from RED's central spawn, along with a large open area and a dump truck that provides cover. Small health kits are on a wooden pallet next to the point and on the bridge above the point.

Komentopiste 3

Capture Point 3 is located after the "chicane" section of the cart path outside of an entrance to RED's spawn. Following Capture Point 2, the cart path swings to the left, passing between two buildings. It then reaches the "chicane" section, where the path winds to the right and then the left around two team-colored silos in the middle of the path. Around the opposite side of the silos is a path that BLU can take. Just above this path is an entrance that BLU can access from the two-story building near Capture Point 1. A large entrance to RED's spawn, protected by mesh fence, sits along the "chicane." A medium health kit sits on the deck over the entrance to RED's spawn.

Komentopiste 4

Capture Point 4 is located in a large, lowered area following a second small downhill area just outside of RED's spawn. After Capture Point 3, the cart path curves to the right and heads up an incline toward a rock wall. Reaching the wall, the cart makes a hairpin turn back toward the previous capture point. Partially shielding BLU as they push the cart are large rocks, though RED can build on a small plateau section overlooking the incline. A building just past Capture Point 3 offers a continuation of the path from BLU's spawn.

Following the first hairpin turn, the cart path makes a second hairpin turn around a tree stump in the middle of the open area. It then rises up a slight incline before making one final turn to the right toward the final capture point. A building sits at the bend.

The final section of the cart's path takes it down a wide, steep slope and right to the final capture point. In doing so, it passes underneath a large covered bridge/building hybrid. There are two main entrances for BLU to the bridge/building: one outside entrance leading right to the bridge, which has a small health kit near it; and a second entrance leading downstairs through the building to the area directly in front of the capture point. RED has two additional entrances, both near RED spawn.

The final point itself is located in a deep pit-like structure with high walls, giving RED a major advantage. However, via the covered bridge and an entrance located near the capture point, BLU can reach the area above the capture point and attack any RED forces massed there. There are also windows on the covered bridge which BLU may attack through.


  • Three wide, open areas on this map and long sightlines offer Snipers good opportunities for racking up kills and headshots. Prime sniping points for RED include:
    • The large, two-story building that serves as a shortcut to capture points 2 and 3
    • The entrance from RED's spawn to Capture Point 2
    • The walkways above the final downhill section of the map
  • Platforms and areas of varying height throughout the map offer Pyros a perfect opportunity to ambush BLU as they try to push the cart. These areas include:
    • The ditch between BLU spawn and Capture Point 1, specifically near the small bridge the cart crosses;
    • The tower in the same area, which allows Pyros to drop directly onto or behind the cart if timed properly;
    • On the walkway directly above Capture Point 2, though the height of the drop may be counter-effective;
    • In between Capture Points 2 and 3 in an area accessible via a shortcut.
  • Swiftwater is full of nooks, crannies and small, out of the way rooms, offering Spies places to disguise away from the fight or recharge their Cloak.
  • The finishing point of Swiftwater is located in a depressed bowl-like area, giving a major advantage to RED Engineers and their Sentry Guns. Because of the high walls surrounding the point, ÜberCharged Demomen with the Stickybomb Launcher may provide the best means of destroying any large Sentry Gun nests above the last point.


This is the changelog of the map before it was added to the game.

Build 12 Changes

  • Bug fixes
  • Removed Rollback (from build 11)

Build 11 Changes

  • Stage 1 layout significantly changed
  • Added a CP before the final CP. More fighting takes place in courtyard now.
  • Reduced amount of time awarded for CPs.

Build 7 Changes

  • Tons of changes. Most important:
  • Blue Spawn remade - doors not stay open on map start
  • CP4 tweaked to give red an advantage again. Buildings in upper area have a Sniper vantage and a good shortcut behind blue.
  • Fixed getting stuck in red spawning areas.
  • Red can exit spawn anywhere after round starts.

Old Fixes

  • Fixed Engy exploit at CP2
  • New Red Spawn layout - more straightforward and should be less campable at cp3 and cp4. Shortened spawn times to compensate for slightly longer travel. (The changes should improve gameplay on insta spawn servers as well)
  • New spawn exit from CP2 to prevent camping.
  • Vastly increased frame rate.

Update history

7. heinäkuuta 2016 -päivitys #1 (Meet Your Match Update)

  • Swiftwater was added to the game.


  • The custom RedEx mail parcel is a parody of real life delivery service FedEx. The parcel has the words "CAUTION: ANTHRAX" written on it. This is a reference to the 2001 Anthrax Attacks.