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种类: 夺旗
文件名: ctf_well
发布时间: 2008年1月25日补丁
地图变种: 竞技场控制点
开发者: Valve
环境: 工业
设定: 白昼,晴朗
危害: 火车
Healthico.png 医疗包: Smallhealth.png ×4  •  Mediumhealth.png ×8
Ammoico.png 弹药盒: Smallammo.png ×8   •   Mediumammo.png ×10
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Well (Capture the Flag) overview.png


Well (Capture the Flag) is a simpler variant of Well (Control Point), the major difference being the middle building. In Well (CP), the middle building is replaced by a much larger two-story building with two trains running through it. On the other hand, Well (CTF) has a smaller shed with only one train passing through. Additionally, the respawn rooms in Well (CP) are behind where the Intelligence is located, and the respawn rooms in Well (CTF) are located where the second Control Point on Well (CP) is.




  • 情报箱:情报位于团队基地的中心。它位于圆形发射平台中央的一辆小推车上。平台可以通过其两侧的两排楼梯进入,以及另外两排位于后方的楼梯进入。
  • 导弹:情报箱上方是一枚巨大的导弹。当比赛结束时,获胜团队基地的火箭便会开始排气,似乎即将进行发射。
  • 情报室:The room may be accessed by four entrances. There are two entrances from the ground floor. Two more entrances lead from the third floor to catwalks around the perimeter of the room, and above the rocket launch platform. A medium medpack and ammo crate sit behind the Intelligence platform, near the back wall, and small ammo packs lie at the far left and right sides of the room.


  • Ground Floor (Atrium): The main room of each team's base. Two wide corridors leading to large roll-up doors are situated at each end of the room. A small room sits between the corridors, with a staircase to the Sniper Deck and a one-way hatch leading to the moat outside the base. The spawn rooms are at either end of The Atrium. The right spawn room faces the door at the end of the corridor, while the left spawn room is set perpendicular to the door. Catwalks run the perimeter of the rear portion of the atrium, leading to the Sniper deck through side hallways on the left and right.
  • Water Access: Entering each base, there is a hallway immediately to the side that connects the two entrances. There is a staircase that leads to a side hallway on the second floor, and a one-way door that leads to the two moats in the Yard.
  • Second Floor (Sniper Deck): A long, windowed corridor that runs the width of each team's base. The other team's second floor is visible from each team's base. The second floor is commonly frequented by Snipers, as the windows provide a clear view of most of the Yard, and players running along the second floor on the enemy side. A brickwork corridor in the center leads to the third floor, and a corridor at either end leads to the ground floor catwalks.
  • Third Floor (Attic): The third floor of each team's base. A wooden floor runs the perimeter of the room, leading to a brickwork corridor to the Sniper Deck on one side, and an open doorway to the Intelligence room overlooking the Silo on the other. The center of the room opens up to the ground floor. The third floor is popular with Engineers, because Sentry Guns are difficult to hit from the bottom two floors. Medium health packs and ammo crates lie on both sides of the room.


  • Yard: The area between RED and BLU's bases. Outside each base is a deep moat, spanned by a bridge from each entrance. Two bridges outside each roll-up door cross the moat, leading to the central area of the yard. Many parked trains and boxcars provide cover, and the middle boxcar has a pile of crates and pallets that allow players to jump on top of the cars.
  • Moat: The moat is a trench of very deep water that lies outside each base and spans the width of the base. It is accessible from the Yard, or jumping in through the one-way door inside each base.
  • Middle: The middle of the yard features a small, long shed, with a single active train running through it periodically. Two medium health packs and two small ammo crates lie on the tracks, on either side of the shed. Players hit by the train will be killed and buildings hit by the train will be destroyed, without any residual metal dropping.


主条目: 社区 Well(夺旗) 战术


  • 添加了新夺旗地图 CTF_Well。


  • 修复了火车不在地图上生成的错误。
  • 修复了红队重生点附近的一些物件放置。
  • 将地图 ctf_well添加到默认 mapcycle.txt 文件中。
  • 将地图 ctf_well 添加到了默认 motd.txt 文件中。


  • 更新了 ctf_well 以及修复一些漏洞。

2008年6月19日补丁 (火焰兵更新)

  • 新增了一条从基地中央大厅通往交战区的路线。
  • 移除了地图中央的建筑物,缩减了地图的整体长度。
  • 重新设置了基地大楼内的医药包和弹药箱位置。


  • 修复了玩家能跳出地图外的漏洞。

2018年3月28日补丁 #1


  • 虽然地图中已添加和删除了一些功能,但 Well(夺旗)的设计更符合原始的《军团要塞:经典》地图
  • 红方和蓝方基地中的火箭比它们所在的建筑要高得多,尽管在外部无法看出。