Anti-Sniper strategy (Classic)

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•Snipers excell at long-range combat, but their nailgun is rather nasty as well. Be wary when attacking Snipers from any distance!

•When dodging a Sniper's attacks from far away, mobility is key! Strafing, bunny hopping, do whatever it takes to make it hard for Snipers to keep their crosshairs on you.

•Grenades will also do the trick! When throwing a grenade at a Sniper, aim for their feet, as it will force them to move.

•As a Scout, try to sneak up behind the Sniper. If you manage to flank them and are closing in, try not to fire too early. The best time to fire is when right up behind them, as it will maximize your damage output. (NOTE: If you wait at the Sniper's back, you run the risk of being noticed by the enemy team. Get in, kill, get out.)