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The Sniper is a long-ranged class who is best at the precision elimination of key targets.


  • The Rifle's laser dot is visible to enemies

Allowing your Rifle to be seen may cost you the element of surprise. This can be avoided by aiming your dot out of sight on a nearby wall or object. Alternatively, you can use it to discourage enemy advances; most classes will not willingly go into a Sniper's line of fire, and will instead take another route. This tactic, however, doesn't always work with Scouts.

A fully-charged shot can instantly destroy any Level 1 building and do major damage to others. Put pressure on enemy Engineers by standing outside the range of their equipment and hitting them with charged shots. Working in conjunction with a friendly Soldier can easily overwhelm the Engineer's repair capabilities.

  • Crouching tactics

Crouching shifts your vision downwards while making you a much smaller target (albeit a slower one). This can be useful for getting a better shot on your enemies. Crouching may also throw off enemy Snipers going for a headshot, especially if you have just fired a shot and are retreating.

  • Respawning

Pay attention to respawn timers, especially when facing many enemy Snipers. On defense, you may only have 5-10 seconds to focus on other targets between spawns.

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