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The MIRV Grenade is a secondary grenade for the Demoman and Heavy Weapons Guy in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.

When the timer goes off, the MIRV Grenade explodes and releases a cluster of smaller "bomblets". These bomblets explode after approximately two seconds.


High to low for each grenade explosion depending on where the target is in approximation to each explosion.

Differences between Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic

In Team Fortress, the MIRV Grenade releases approximately fifteen or more "bomblets" when it explodes, then being reduced to about seven later on. In Team Fortress Classic, it releases four bomblets.

Team Fortress death messages

Player 1 gets spammed by Player 2's MIRV Grenade.
Player killed by MIRV Grenade
Player 1 does a dance on Player 2's MIRV Grenade.
Player killed by Demoman's MIRV Grenade
Player 1 gathers the daring buds of Player 2's MIRV Grenade.
Player killed by MIRV Grenade in Birthday mode
Player goes to pieces.
MIRV Grenade suicide
Player practices his own MIRV Grenade dance.
MIRV Grenade suicide as the Demoman
Player allowed his MIRV Grenade to turn against him.
MIRV Grenade suicide as the Heavy Weapons Guy


  • The MIRV Grenade was scheduled to appear in Team Fortress 2 in the form of the Dynamite Pack, initially a secondary than a secondary grenade, but was scrapped twice, first when grenades added, then when grenades were scrapped totally, thus they were both removed as weapons.
  • The MIRV Grenade was revived as a spell in Scream Fortress 2013, known as the Pumpkin MIRV, it is thrown by any class with the spell equipped and spawns 6 tiny Pumpkin Bombs that damage enemies when damaged.