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Like the Soldier, the Demoman is an easy class to pick up and play. It can be great for players with poor aiming skills or those who have experience with Team Fortress Classic's Grenades. It is one of the three classes capable of being hurt by their own Friendly fire, frag and special grenades excluded(the others being Soldier and Engineer). Advanced players can transform the Demoman from a Grenade-spewing player to a lethally accurate gibbing machine.


  • The Grenade Launcher rounds explode on contact with an enemy player or Sentry Gun, but only before they rebound off a wall or another platform.
  • Pipebombs can be used to propel the Demoman into the air, similarly to the Soldier's Rocket jump technique. This can allow players to move over large distances quickly or get into hard to reach places. However, the Demoman is also susceptible to fall damage when landing from a Sticky Jump.
  • To take out Sentry Guns around corners, the Pipebombs are often more useful than the Grenade Launcher since accurate rebounds aren't necessary. Simply throw a few Pipebombs next to the Sentry Gun and detonate: the blast radius will kill the turret with ease and perhaps injure a nearby enemy Engineer tending to that turret.
    • One MIRV right next to a fully upgraded enemy Sentry Gun will destroy it.
  • The Demoman has two main roles:
    • Defense: The classic role for the Demoman is defense. Throw Pipebombs on the point, then switch to the Grenade Launcher to keep enemies at bay. As soon as an enemy walks over (or under) set mines, detonate them with the alternate fire button for an easy kill.
    • Offense: When a team's progress is denied by a strong Engineer-led defense, switch to offense to punch through their defenses. Along with the Spy and the Pyro, the Demoman is a team's best hope in clearing enemy Sentry Guns and Heavies. A good team-mate for the Demoman is the Scout, who can capture a point or the Flag after enemy defenses are cleared. The Scout can also help distract enemy Engineers who will want to confront the Demoman directly.

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