October 29, 2013 Patch

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This article is specific to the patch released. For information on the update, see Scream Fortress V.
Official update page: Scream Fortress V Update

Patch notes

Scream Fortress 2013 showcard.png

Scream Fortress 2013 has arrived

  • Help settle the score in one of the longest running feuds in Mann history
  • Comic and additional information available on the website (http://www.teamfortress.com/bazbobarrabus)
  • Scream Fortress 2013 runs until Nov 11, 2013
  • Added New Halloween Map Helltower
    • Equip a spell book and cast spells against your enemies
    • Spells can be found by pushing the cart, killing enemies and during the Witching hour
    • The Clocktower contains powerful magic during the Witching hour
    • Win the race to start mega healed in the final battle for your prize
  • Added over 100 Halloween tagged items from the TF2 Steam workshop[1]

Map : Ghost Fort

Weapon Changes

  • Medic's Crusader Crossbow now silently reloads when unholstered, similar to Pyro flaregun(sic)
  • Fixed the charge rate for the Bazaar Bargain when the player has 0 heads
  • In PvP Medics can now see the clip status of a patient’s active weapon

Item Fixes

Virtual Reality changes

  • Improved readability of the UI in VR
  • Removed the IPD calibration tool. TF2 will now obey the Oculus configuration file. Use the Oculus calibration tool in your SDK or install and run "OpenVR" under Tools in Steam to calibrate your IPD.
  • Added dropdown to enable VR mode in the Video options. Removed the -vr command line option.
  • Added the ability to switch in and out of VR mode without quitting the game
  • By default VR mode will run full screen. To switch back to a borderless window set the vr_force_windowed convar.
  • Added support for VR mode on Linux

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed unlimited uses of noisemaker(sic) items
  • Fixed not being able to earn the Brotherhood of Steel achievement in MvM (play with 5 friends)
  • Fixed the camera target not always being visible when using the replay editor
  • Removed some servers that forged player counts from quickplay and the server browser

Undocumented changes


  1. Abhorrent Appendages, Accursed Apparition, Alternative Medicine Mann, Archimedes the Undying, Baphomet Trotters, Beacon from Beyond, Beast from Below, Birdie Bonnet, Bountiful Bow, Bozo's Bouffant, Bozo's Brogues, Burny's Boney Bonnet, Cadaver's Capper, Candleer, Candyman's Cap, ‎Cap'n Calamari, Carious Chameleon, Carrion Companion, Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage, Chicken Kiev, Corpsemopolitan, Creature From The Heap, Crispy Golden Locks, Cryptic Keepsake, Dark Helm, Das Blutliebhaber, Death Support Pack, Ethereal Hood, External Organ, Face Plante, Faun Feet, Faux Manchu, Foul Cowl, Freedom Feathers, Glob, Gothic Guise, Grease Monkey, Grisly Gumbo, Grub Grenades, Guano, Hallowed Headcase, Halloweiner, Handhunter, Hardium Helm, Hard-Headed Hardware, Haunted Hat, Headtaker's Hood, Hidden Dragon, Hollowhead, Horned Honcho, Horrific Head of Hare, Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down, Hound's Hood, Hyperbaric Bowler, Ivan The Inedible, Jupiter Jumpers, Larval Lid, Last Bite, Lieutenant Bites the Dust, Lo-Grav Loafers, Lordly Lapels, Macabre Mask, Magical Mercenary, Maniac's Manacles, Manneater, Mann-Bird of Aberdeen, Medimedes, Monster's Stompers, Monstrous Mandible, Mucous Membrain, One-Way Ticket, Parasight, Pin Pals, Pocket Horsemann, Polly Putrid, PY-40 Incinibot, Quoth, Ramses' Regalia, Raven's Visage, Rugged Respirator, Sackcloth Spook, Scorched Skirt, Second Opinion, Shaman's Skull, Shaolin Sash, Sir Shootsalot, Snaggletoothed Stetson, Space Bracers, Spectralnaut, Spellbinder's Bonnet, Sprinting Cephalopod, Squid's Lid, Surgeon's Space Suit, Terrier Trousers, Teutonkahmun, Transylvania Top, Trepanabotomizer, Tuque or Treat, Unidentified Following Object, Up Pyroscopes, Vicar's Vestments, Vicious Visage
  2. Arcana, Chiroptera Venenata, Darkblaze, Demonflame, Hellfire, Poison Shadows, Something Burning This Way Comes, and Spellbound

Patch diff