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Trailer 2
Video Info
Released: August 21st, 2006
Run time: 3:28

First revealed at GC 06, Trailer 2 showcased the various abilities of Team Fortress 2's player classes. Showing an early rendition of the game, the trailer contains several differences from the final product.




  • The general texture and lighting of the character models is of slightly lower quality.
  • The emblems on the classes' arms are solid circles, instead of class emblems.
  • All characters have the same voice and stock dying noises including the infamous Wilhelm scream. The generic voice was going to be used for the Civilian.


  • Appears to have more upper-body build than the current model does.
  • Is shown wielding the Nail Gun which was later replaced with the Scattergun. The Nail Gun was the primary weapon used by the Scout in Team Fortress Classic.
  • Has two team-colored stripes near the tops of his socks, and his shoes do not have the white stripes that they do now.
  • His earpiece is team-colored instead of yellow.
  • The swing speed of his Bat is slightly faster.


  • His coat is a pale grayish team-color.
  • The Rocket Launcher has different textures and is visually a single-shot frontloaded RPG much like it is in Team Fortress Classic. The RPG was removed in the final version.


  • The viewmodel gloves are fully black and lack yellow tips.
  • The tank on his back is fully yellow instead of gray with a yellow top.
  • The Flamethrower is not team-colored.


  • The Grenade Launcher visually appears as a Pipe Bomb Launcher, that launches pipe bombs which are detonated remotely similarly to the current Stickybomb Launcher.
    • The grenades look completely different and lack any particle effects.
    • The viewmodel of the Grenade Launcher is slightly different.
  • The Demoman is shown wielding the MIRV Grenade, which was later replaced by the Stickybomb Launcher.


  • Moves slower
  • The viewmodel of the Minigun is slightly different.


  • The animations of the Wrench look different.
  • His overalls, goggles, and belt buckle look slightly different.
  • The animations of the Shotgun look different.
    • The Shotgun itself seems to hold at least 7 rounds instead of 6.
  • The level 1 Sentry Gun has different textures, sounds, and building animations.
    • It also fires slightly faster, but with bullet spread and lower accuracy.


  • Has darker glasses.
  • His hat and vest have slightly different textures.
  • The charge symbol, shown when his Sniper Rifle is scoped in, looks different. It's possible that the manual shot charging mechanism was brought over from its Team Fortress Classic counterpart.


  • His cloak lacks color transition.
  • Cigarettes are white for both BLU and RED, and do not appear to be lit.
  • Has a team-colored pocket protector, striped tie and visible buttons.
  • The textures on his gloves and mask appear to be different.
  • The Butterfly Knife has longer and more articular animations.


  • The bridge in the center of the map is uncovered, which is covered in the current release.
  • The spawnrooms have separate exits and entrances.
  • The entrances to the BLU and RED bases have stairs. These were later replaced by ramps.
  • The entrances from the sewers have the same staircases as the ones in Team Fortress Classic.
  • The truck that appears in the background has a red roof.


  • From 1:47 to 1:48, a Medic can be seen next to the left entrance to the RED base in a civilian pose.
  • A Medic can also be seen behind a box and white jug, next to the sewer entrance, at 1:51.

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