Tranquilizer Gun

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This article is about the scrapped Team Fortress 2 weapon. For the classic Team Fortress weapon, see Tranquilizer Gun (Classic).
Weren't you supposed to be good at dodging?
The Spy mocking his tranquilized prey

The Tranquilizer Gun, also known as the Tranquilizer or Tranq, is a scrapped weapon for the Spy. It is a slim, silver matte pistol with a black grip, also bearing obvious resemblance and functionality with a real-life tranquilizer gun. The Spy can be seen wielding it in Trailer 1; however, the weapon was scrapped for officially-unknown reasons and replaced with the Revolver before the final release. A form of the weapon was also tested in the Beta.

The stats were confirmed to slow the enemy down by 50% and reduce mouse sensitivity by 60% for 6 seconds. It is claimed that the weapon was scrapped for being too annoying to play against, as well as being relatively overpowered.

Unused content

A model and bucket icon for the Tranquilizer can be found in the game's files. Evidence can be found in tf_english.txt.

"TF_Weapon_Tranq" "Tranquilizer Gun"