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User Z Overlord.jpg I'm a volunteer here who tries to ninja in his edits amongst a tidal wave of edits. This is one competitive wiki I'll tell you. I'm cool to talk to if you ever need to, and I'm super special awesome.

Little bit about me

I am a Steam Fanboy (which makes me a faction within PC Fanboyism). Although I buy all these games, I almost exclusively play TF2 at this point.


Class Setup

Class Primary Secondary Melee Hat Reasoning
Item icon Scattergun.png
Item icon Lugermorph.png
Item icon Bat.png
Backpack Max's Severed Head.png
Max's Severed Head
I love Scout, and the Scattergun is a must, the rest are usually the best for him.
Item icon Rocket Launcher.png
Rocket Launcher
Item icon Shotgun.png
Item icon Equalizer.png
Backpack Dr's Dapper Topper.png
Dr's Dapper Topper
Shotgun is a must and blackbox's lack of a rocket is not worth it. And Equalizer is a direct upgrade.
Item icon Flame Thrower.png
Item icon Shotgun.png
Item icon Homewrecker.png
Backpack Vintage Merryweather.png
Vintage Merryweather
Don't play
Item icon Grenade Launcher.png
Grenade Launcher
Item icon Stickybomb Launcher.png
Stickybomb Launcher
Item icon Frying Pan.png
Frying Pan
Backpack Voodoo Juju.png
Voodoo Juju
Vanilla Demoman is just too good to pass up. I don't like the choosing which group of stickies to blow up or pretending I'm a melee class.
Item icon Natascha.png
Item icon Sandvich.png
Item icon Gloves of Running Urgently.png
Backpack Cadaver's Cranium.png
Cadaver's Cranium
Heavy is useless without Natascha, sandvich is usually better than shotgun, and the gloves were what he needed badly
Item icon Frontier Justice.png
Frontier Justice
Item icon Lugermorph.png
Item icon Wrench.png
Backpack Hotrod.png
I fail at the wrangler and I feel I don't need the 3 extra shots in my shotgun. The wrench is very balanced compared to his other two alternatives
Item icon Syringe Gun.png
Syringe Gun
Item icon Medi Gun.png
Item icon Ubersaw.png
Backpack Ze Goggles.png
Ze Goggles
I believe the medic should focus on healing and ubering, not trying to go commando or whatever.
Item icon Sniper Rifle.png
Sniper Rifle
Item icon Jarate.png
Item icon Tribalman's Shiv.png
Tribalman's Shiv
Backpack Professional's Panama.png
Professional's Panama
I need to play him more
Item icon L'Etranger.png
Item icon Cloak and Dagger.png
Cloak and Dagger
Item icon Your Eternal Reward.png
Your Eternal Reward
Backpack Frenchman's Beret.png
Frenchman's Beret
Never play Spy


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“I'm battin' a thousand!”
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Hire Date: May 18, 2008 (04:09:36 GMT)

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it is funny to me!
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