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Hadi savaşalım; adama karşı minik bebek adam.

Heavy oyunun en güçlü, ancak en yavaş sınıfıdır. Sahip olduğu yüksek atış gücü ve sağlık puanı ile yakın mesafede düşmana hükmedebilen Minigun'ı onu ön cephede hücum askeri olarak bulunacağını garantiler. Heavy takımının arkasında birleşebileceği bir fener görevi görür ve çoğunlukla akla gelen ilk Medic dostudur. Ancak geniş cüssesi ve yavaş hareket hızı onu, özellikle Spy ve Sniperlar için, kolay bir hedef yapar. Ayrıca genel olarak çıkardığı gürültü pusu kurmayı zorlar. İyi bir heavy takımıyla koordine olup hedefleri birlikte başarır.

Birincil Silahlar

Minigun + reskinler

Minigun Iron Curtain Festive Minigun Silver Botkiller Minigun Australium Minigun

Minigun seri-atış yapabilen bir Av Tüfeği gibidir, yakın mesafede herhangi birini delik deşik edebilirken mesafe arttıkça mermi dağılımı verdiği zararı azaltır. Although the Minigun possesses a lot of firepower, it has a moderate wind-up time and revving it brings your speed to a crawl. Thus, you'll either want to have it as your active weapon at all times or simply use a different weapon when moving between areas. You can rev it while in midair, allowing you to catch enemies by surprise as you jump around corners.



Natascha's bullets come with a unique slowdown effect that forces enemies to stop and face you in combat. While spun up, it reduces damage taken by 20% if you're below 50% health, placing you firmly in the role of an attention-grabbing tank. While Natascha still deals a lot of damage at close range, it deals 25% less damage and is 30% slower to spin up, giving enemies ample time to react if you aren't already revved up. These factors significantly cut your offense against bulky classes like the Soldier and Demoman. In particular, you will be at a disadvantage when facing an enemy Heavy with the normal Minigun, which revs up faster, or the Brass Beast, which by far outdamages Natascha.

Brass Beast

Brass Beast

The Brass Beast is the strongest weapon in the game in terms of damage per second, but has a 50% slower spin up time and slows you to a crawl when deployed. You need to play around the Brass Beast's long spin up time; if the weapon isn't already deployed, you are vulnerable to even frontal attacks. Once you do manage to spin it up, the weapon also grants 20% damage resistance if you're below 50% health. Thus, the Brass Beast is suitable for defensive situations where you need to move around less. Be very careful to not overexpose yourself, as your glacial movement speed makes you an even easier target for enemy Snipers and Spies.

Tomislav + reskins

Tomislav Australium Tomislav

The Tomislav has a faster spin-up time and revs up silently. The sound of your Minigun is a signal for the enemy to stay clear. However, the Tomislav's silent spin-up and superior accuracy makes it an excellent choice for ambushing enemies offensively or concealing your presence when guarding a location. However, the Tomislav fires 20% slower, causing it to deal far less damage in long battles despite the faster spin-up. Use the element of surprise to deal enough damage to your target before the Tomislav's firepower disadvantage becomes significant.

Huo-Long Heater

Huo-Long Heater

The Huo-Long Heater is slightly weaker in comparison to the default Minigun, but repeatedly emits rings of fire around you when revved up. The Heater deals increased damage against burning targets, making enemies lit by your flames or friendly Pyros easy prey. The flame rings act as a deterrent for any opponent who wants to get inside your personal bubble, particularly enemy Scouts and Spies. Still be mindful that Spies can indeed jump over your flames, only struggling with the Spy-cicle. Overall, this makes the Heater a strong choice in situations where enemies must approach you, such as when contesting a Control Point, but not when they cowardly stay at range. Keeping your gun revved consumes ammunition even when not firing, so ammunition can become a problem. This can be alleviated by defensive play near Dispensers or the Payload cart, which will automatically refill your ammunition. Don't entirely rely on the flame ring to reveal surprise attacks; enemies can time their approach between waves.

İkincil Silahlar

Pompalı Tüfek + reskinler

Shotgun Festive Shotgun

Although the Shotgun is a secondary weapon and weaker than the Minigun, it can still deal plenty of damage. Notably, it gives you a firepower option where you can still remain mobile. Use it when moving between areas, when slowing down to fire your Minigun would be inefficient.

Sandviç + reskinler

Sandvich Robo-Sandvich Festive Sandvich

The Sandvich lets you replace a source of mobile firepower, the Shotgun, with the ability to fully heal yourself. Consume the Sandvich to patch yourself up in between fights. Make sure to begin your meal somewhere peaceful, as you are helpless during its long consumption time. Use alternate fire to throw the Sandvich on the ground to heal allies, particularly any Medic you may work with. Picking up any type of health kit when the Sandvich is consumed will instantly recharge it; make a small health kit more effective by recharging the Sandvich, which acts as a medium health kit when thrown.

Dalokohs Bar + reskinler

Dalokohs Bar Fishcake

The Dalokohs Bar heals you for 100 HP and can be repeatedly eaten to heal minor wounds. Additionally, it temporarily increases your maximum health by 50. However, it cannot heal you as quickly as the Sandvich and only heals for a small health pack if dropped for allies. The Dalokohs Bar can be beneficial if your team lacks a Medic but does have a constant source of healing from either a Dispenser or medkits.

Bufalo Biftekli Sandviç

Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Consuming the Buffalo Steak Sandvich does not heal you, but instead gives a special buff that temporarily locks you to your melee weapon while granting increased movement speed, guaranteed mini-crits, and increased damage vulnerability. If you seldom use your melee weapons, it is best used to move towards the frontlines quickly while your teammates keep you safe; consider using it alongside the Fists of Steel to mitigate the increased damage from ranged attacks. If you prefer to use the buff to improve your melee combat, use the increased movement speed to avoid attacks and overpower opponents with mini-crits. Like the Sandvich, it can be thrown onto the ground to heal injured teammates.

Aile İşi

Family Business

The Family Business is a faster, weaker Shotgun with a larger magazine size. While the Shotgun deals more immediate damage, the Family Business deals more overall damage if all shots hit, making it more viable for prolonged combat. It can also be used to pester opponents at a distance due to its high fire rate. Do note that due to the gun's magazine size, it takes a significant amount of time to fully reload.

Panik Atak

Panic Attack

Panik Atak,pompalı tüfekten %50 daha hızlı hazır olur, making it useful for a few panicked shots if you are caught off guard. However, the Panic Attack's pellet spread widely increases as you fire consecutively; you want to make the first few shots count.

İkinci Muz

Second Banana

İkinci muz,kullanım başına Sandviç'den 100 sağlık daha az iyileştirir.Dolokohs Bar'a benzer olarak,İkinci Muz sadece küçük bir sağlık paketi olarak düşecektir.Bununla birlikte Sandviç'den 3 kat daha hızlı hazır olur (30 saniyeye kıyas 11 saniye),yani Sandviç'in iyileştireceği 300 sağlığı,aynı zamanlamayla 600 sağlık olarak iyileştirir.

Yakın Dövüş Silahları

Yumruklar + reskinler

Fists Saxxy Conscientious Objector Apoco-Fists Frying Pan Freedom Staff Bat_Outta_Hell Memory Maker Ham Shank Golden Frying Pan Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Prinny Machete

Eğer düşmanın sana yakın mesafeden sürpriz yaparsa,Minigun'ın dönme süresini beklemek yerine yumruklara geçmek daha iyi olabilir;yavaşsın ve muhtemelen düşmanınızın yakın mevzisine giremezsin.Yine de yüksen sağlık puanın rakiplere karşı yakın dövüşlerde size avantaj sağlıyor.

Kitle Gebertici Boks Eldivenleri

Killing Gloves of Boxing

Obtaining a kill with the Killing Gloves of Boxing will grant guaranteed critical hits for five seconds. You're as slow as ever, so use this weapon when you have the enemy in a corner and can easily land your punches. Once you've obtained the critical hit boost, pick a weapon to rampage with. Switching to and revving the Minigun gives you only three seconds to shred nearby foes. You could also switch to the Shotgun or just continue swinging to use the boost for as long as possible. The Tomislav has a faster spin-up time and works well with this weapon.

Kitle Gebertici Boks Eldivenleri + reskinler

Gloves of Running Urgently Festive Gloves of Running Urgently Bread Bite

Because you rarely engage in melee combat, you can use the Gloves of Running Urgently solely for its speed boost. The Gloves of Running Urgently drain your maximum health while active, reducing both your current health and overheal. Drained health recovers when the weapon is not equipped. The Gloves take 50% longer to holster, so give yourself some time to recover before entering combat. This makes the speed boost useful for traversing the map or retreating, but not for rushing to an active firefight.

Çelik Yumruklar

Fists of Steel

Çelik Yumruklar seni menzilli silahlarla öldürmesi zor yaparken yakın dövüş saldırılarından 2 kat fazla zarar görmene sebep olur. Açık ve alandan geçerken veya ateş altından kaçarken daha etkililerdir. You can also deploy them as you approach opponents while being protected by the weapon's ranged resistance. It takes significantly longer to switch away from the Fists of Steel, so preemptively switch to your Minigun if an enemy decides to attack you with his melee weapon; it's very possible for you to be killed before the Fists can be holstered.

Savaşçının Ruhu

Warrior's Spirit

Savaşçının Ruhu %30 daha çok zarar verip almanı sağlar, kimi düşmanları 3 yerine 2 yumrukta devirebilir. Buna karşılık sen de 5 yakın dövüş saldırısı yerine 4 taneyle yenilir olursun. Buna teselli olarak ayrıca her öldürmede 50 can kazanırsın. Savaşçının Ruhunu Bizon Biftekli Sandviçle birlikte kullanıp daha da çok zarar verip aldığın hareketli bir oynanış tarzı edinebilirsin.

Tahliye İhbarı

Eviction Notice

Tahliye İhbarı Yumruklardan 2 kat hızlı vurur, ama %60 daha az zarar verir. Aynı zamanda %15 hareket hızının yanında darbe başına ekstra bir hız bonusu sağlar. Buna karşılık olarak silah aktif olduğu her saniye maksimum candan 5 düşer (100 olana kadar). Artan saldırı hızı azaltılmış zarar ya da can kaybının yerini tam tutamasa da yakın dövüşlerde rakibe ayak uydurabilmek onlara karşı ayakta kalmanı sağlayabilir. Çatışmaların dışında, daha düşük riskli bir Gerçek Randımana Ulaştırıcılar olarak kullanılabilir; daha az can kaybına karşılık daha düşük hız.

Yılbaşı Yumruğu

Holiday Punch

Yılbaşı Yumruğu'nu kullanırken kritik vuruşlar ve arkadan saldırılar hasar sağlamaz, ama rakibi olduğu yerde gülmeye zorlar. Standart Yumruklar gibi, Yılbaşı Yumruğu yavaş hareket hızından dolayı sıradan çatışmalarda yetersizdir. Ancak, eğer bir düşmanı hazırlıksız yakalayıp gülmeye zorlarsan, işini aklına gelen herhangi bir şekilde bitirebilirsin, Showdown alay saldırısı dahil. Sınıflar yerde olmadıkları sürece başka bir animasyona zorlanamazlar, bu yüzden havada ya da suda birine karşı başka bir silah kullan. Überşarjlı bir düşmanın arkasından yaklaşıp felç etmek mümkündür.