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The Pyro is a close range class. Pyros ambush their enemies, or charge in and disrupt groups of opponents with a cloud of flame. Enemies can usually be ignited and then left to die from the afterburn, making the Pyro a very good hit-and-run class.


  • Playing a Pyro requires a different mindset than other classes. Pyros tend to be weak on frontal attacks—they will lose to most other classes if they are seen coming. However, if they catch the enemy by surprise, Pyros can be the most dangerous class in the game. Always try for an ambush. Learn the maps and use side pathways rather than main ones. Use your speed to your advantage to flank the enemy team.
  • When the enemy retreats beyond your Flamethrower's range, be sure to switch to your Incendiary Cannon to continue damaging them. Combined with afterburn damage from the flames, it can often be enough to finish off almost any class.
  • Weaker classes like Scouts, Engineers, Medics and Snipers tend to retreat when they are on fire. Light them up and quickly retreat, then return with your Shotgun drawn. They often give you an exposed back for your Shotgun shells, IC rockets, or grenades.
  • Pyros wear Asbestos Armor and cannot be ignited, but they still take contact damage from the flame particles. The Shotgun may be more useful in some cases for fighting an enemy Pyro.
  • Use caution when fighting near water or a source of enemy healing, such as Health pickups or Medics, as these can extinguish a burning player immediately. If you believe the flames caused sufficient damage before they were extinguished, use the Shotgun or a grenade to finish off the enemy. If possible, try to pick up any health packs near burning enemies to prevent them from extinguishing themselves. This can give you a great advantage in battle.
  • When flaming an enemy, it's best to listen for the higher pitched sizzling sound to know when you're actually hitting the enemy. The flames might be hitting the enemy on screen, but they won't cause damage unless you hear the sound. Turning on damage numbers and/or the hit sound can help you with tracking burning foes and exactly when you're hitting.


For more information, see Ambush

Ambushing is the Pyro's specialty. As stated above, Pyros are weak on frontal attacks—they will lose to most other classes if they are seen coming. However, if they catch the enemy by surprise, Pyros can be the most dangerous class in the game.

What a Pyro does have that these classes don't is a good amount of armor and a Flamethrower that can easily spread side-to-side. Basically, while the Scout and Spy have maneuverability and stealthiness respectively, the Pyro has survivability that helps players conduct ambushes.

Ambushing can be effective in both offense and defense. Attacking the enemy push from behind while your teammate’s push finishes them off is both an excellent offensive and defensive tactic.

When planning an ambush as a Pyro, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • The Flamethrower's short range forces the Pyro to sneak up on opponents and attack while they are distracted. Chase fleeing players into hallways or corners to increase your chances of seriously injuring or killing them. Keep in mind that an enemy goes 10% slower when running backward, so the pursuer has the advantage many times.
  • Use alternate routes to organize a synchronized attack on the enemy, igniting them from behind while teammates attack from the front. This can be very effective on Defense, especially on 2Fort, running down alternate corridors to sneak behind Medics partnered with a Heavy.
  • Use elevation to your advantage to get the drop on the enemy. Most unaware players do not look above eye level.
  • Know which corners on the map are blind corners or offer cover from enemies coming around them. These can often be good points to attack single enemies or small groups of slightly more vulnerable classes such as Scouts.
  • Be sure to watch your back before going out to your ambush. Sometimes Snipers stay behind the enemy push to focus their fire on ambushers such as Scouts, Spies, and, of course, Pyros.
  • Be prepared for one-on-one combat. You may encounter an enemy ambusher who's using the same route as you.

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