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Dance: a Conversation Between Your Body and Soul
Tough Break Update Page - Mannrobics Blurb

Mannrobics is an Action taunt for all classes. This taunt consists of a variety of arm lunges, with several optional flairs: Primary and Alt-fire will perform two different flair moves. Primary fire's flair is shared with all classes and consists of several up-and-down arm waves, two jumps, three wide arm stretches, then a few hops, while Alt-fire's flair is unique with a different animation for each class. Upon startup, the player will start by using their Alt-fire flair, then return to the default standing position, which is a looping animation of the class clapping and jogging on the spot. This is also the animation that the player returns to after ending a Primary or Alt-fire flair. The workout is accompanied by an up-tempo synthesized beat.

The player can move about during the taunt using the directional keys. Alt-fire's flair will immediately stop the player on the spot, while Primary fire's flair will let the player keep moving until they land with their two jumps. Control is granted again once the player returns to the jogging animation.

Any other player (Including Bots), regardless of team or if they own the taunt, can join any player who is in the "workout" by standing close to them, and pressing the action button. Other players will see an icon above the dancer's head which indicates if the taunt is active. Unlike other partner taunts, the aerobics workout can be spread throughout the players on a server even after the original owner stops dancing, and is not limited to two people, similar to the Conga and Kazotsky Kick.

For the voicelines spoken by each class, please refer to the respective class taunt pages.



Guitar transcription

The following is an abridged transcription of the song.

time = 4/4          | 
Standard E-tuning   | 
(c) Mike Morasky / VALVe 2015                   

					      G Major/E Minor
                                              Clean Guitar
       Guitar 1                    
e ||-------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------|
B ||-------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------|
G ||--5--5----7--7----------x-7-7--|--5-x--x-7-x---------x-9-9-x-9--|--5--5----7--7----------x-7-7--|---------------9--9-9-9--9--|
D ||--5--5----7--7----5--5--x-7-7--|--5-x--x-7-x----5----x-9-9-x-9--|--5--5----7--7----5--5--x-7-7--|--7--7-7-7--7--9--9-9-9--9--|
A ||--3--3----5--5----5--5--x-5-5--|--3-x--x-5-x----5----x-7-7-x-7--|--3--3----5--5----5--5--x-5-5--|--7--7-7-7--7--7--7-7-7--7--|
E ||------------------3--3---------|----------------3---------------|------------------3--3---------|--5--5-5-5--5---------------|

Update history

December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update)

  • Mannrobics was added to the game.


  • If there are enough players doing the Mannrobics taunt, the server may crash from buffer overflow.