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Dance: a Conversation Between Your Body and Soul
Tough Break Update Page - Mannrobics Blurb

Mannrobics est une raillerie d'action pour toutes les classes?. Elle marche de façon similaire que le Kazotsky Kick; les autres joueurs peuvent la rejoindre si ils activent leur raillerie d'arme. This taunt will activated with a variety of arm lunges, then moving on to flairs, Primary and Alt-fire will perform two different flair moves (one that is shared by all classes is a clapping motion). The taunt ends with the player posing and moving back into the default standing position.

Similaire au Conga, n'importe quel joueur (incluant les bots) peuvent rejoindre indépendamment de l'équipe ou s'ils possèdent leur propre raillerie.



Transcription guitare

Ce qui suit est une transcription de la tablature pour la guitare.

    time = 4/4            
(c) Mike Morasky / VALVe 2015                   

                                              Sol majeur/Mi mineur 
e ||-------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------|
B ||-------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------|
G ||--5--5----7--7----------x-7-7--|--5-x--x-7-x---------x-9-9-x-9--|--5--5----7--7----------x-7-7--|---------------9--9-9-9--9--|
D ||--5--5----7--7----5--5--x-7-7--|--5-x--x-7-x----5----x-9-9-x-9--|--5--5----7--7----5--5--x-7-7--|--7--7-7-7--7--9--9-9-9--9--|
A ||--3--3----5--5----5--5--x-5-5--|--3-x--x-5-x----5----x-7-7-x-7--|--3--3----5--5----5--5--x-5-5--|--7--7-7-7--7--7--7-7-7--7--|
E ||------------------3--3---------|----------------3---------------|------------------3--3---------|--5--5-5-5--5---------------|

Historique des mises à jour

Patch du 17 décembre 2015 (Mise à jour Tough Break)

  • Mannrobics a été ajouté au jeu.



  • The music played while performing the taunt is based on the "National Championship Aerobic Theme" by Ty Parr. Some of the movements made by the classes are based on dance moves seen in the video for the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship.
  • The Spy will perform the spycrab when using the taunt as the Spy referencing the spycrab taunt.


  • While doing the Mannrobics, taunt for a while picking a different taunt will bug up to the taunt just done. So far by fixing this is to restart TF2
  • If an opposing team is doing the Mannrobics, and you are not on there team you will only be able to dance with them for a short period of time.