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Comic Strip Info
Released: May 2, 2014
Number of pages: 20
Artist: Maren Marmulla
Writer: Jay Pinkerton & Erik Wolpaw

Catch-Up is a comic that was released on May 2, 2014. It retells the storyline of the TF universe and adds the Team Fortress Classic team to the roster. The purpose is to help people understand the 'bi-monthly' comics which may be confusing to those who don't understand the story. It also explains the reason why the mercenaries are fighting each other. Certain story elements have been retconned.



  • Free Comic Book Day is a North American holiday, held every first Saturday in May since 2002. It was created to celebrate the comics medium, as well as to motivate non-readers to start reading comics. Mainstream and indie comics, as well as manga publishers, release special issues of comics to be given away for free on that day, usually spotlighting an ongoing storyline, or a character that will be featured in an upcoming television show or film. Depending on the location, a comic store may also invite comic book writers, artists, and so on to appear at their store.
  • On Page 14, the TFC Soldier can be seen holding an umbrella. This weapon is equipped by the Civilian on Hunted maps, and is never used by the Soldier himself.
  • On page 15, Saxton Hale states that the present day is 1972, meaning that his narration is taking place just after most of the Team Fortress 2 game map events known to date.
  • This comic marks the first appearance of the TFC Medic in the TF2 universe, whereas the other mercenaries were first introduced in the A Cold Day in Hell comic.

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