Community Medic strategy (Classic)

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As a Medic, the player's primary role is to keep his or her teammates alive using the MedKit.

General strategy

  • The Medic is the only class that can passively regenerate health. Therefore, players that are left alone long enough will eventually return to full health by themselves.
    • Since Medics cannot heal themselves directly, they should have first priority for health pickups. Ask teammates not to pick up health packs, and heal them in return
  • Much more than any other class, being an effective Medic relies on good communication with teammates. A Medic should communicate with his or her patient(s) about upcoming dangers and enemy Spies, as they can use the information to deal with the threat. A simple message to teammates can make all the difference between a successful push/defense and death. If possible, use a microphone to communicate such information to teammates.