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This article is for competitive play, based on the standard community competitive format.
The community competitive scene changes frequently. Some or all info may be outdated.

Patterns and protocols have emerged from the unique format and setting of competitive play, leading to a set of competitive dynamics distinct from standard public play.


A rollout, sometimes referred to as the mid-approach, is the process of getting from one's spawn point to the first main battle, such as the mid-point in a five-point map, as quickly as possible. Winning the mid-fight determines which team starts with the advantage, therefore emphasis on rollouts is particularly important for teams to work on. The term is most often used to mean the sequence of rocket jumps (used by Soldiers) and sticky jumps (used by Demomen) to get to the mid-point as quickly as possible, while still retaining enough health to be effective at the mid-point. Classes that cannot utilize explosive jumps, such as the Scout and Medic, should just run to the point as normal, however, finding the optimal route for running is still required.

Example rollout videos



Mid Fights

The Mid Fight is when two teams approach the central point of the map. The mid fight winner consists of which team gets the most frags during the fight, as well as who caps the point first. The team who captures the central point has an advantage over the other team, because they get what is called a forward spawn, which is a spawn area that is not in your default spawn area. For example, if your team captures the central point and enemy spire of Badlands, they will be spawning on their side of mid. If a team loses a Demoman or Medic early in the mid fight, they are usually forced to retreat, since the Demoman provides the most damage and area control of the mid fight and the Medic provides the heals and the Über for the fight. However, there are multiple instances where a team that wins the mid fight does not win the match.

Example of Mid Fights

Über Advantages

Unlike public servers, where Medics are not chosen all of the time, Übercharge rates are kept in mind throughout the entire match, whether in 6v6 play or Highlander play. At the start of the match and into the approaching Mid Fight, both Medics should virtually have the same amount of Übercharge ready. When one of the Medics go down, the team that killed that Medic will note that so they are able to keep track of their advantage. When a team has an Über Advantage, also referred to as Über ad or simply ad, they have a significantly larger charge percentage compared to the other team's Medic. With this knowledge available, they are able to push into the next area with their Übercharge without having to worry about the other team getting the same charge. This also makes it easier for a team to kill the enemy Medic once more so they have a better chance of winning the round as a whole.

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